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Send Ir Remote Panel ,Feature Request , Digital Panel Record / Playback Pulse Fo

I have a feature request I feel would be very useful to integrate a great deal of outside devices.

I have devices like air conditioning / heating control , TV, DVR, DVD player , ceiling fan , toy robots and many others.

It could be a digital panel. Open the panel and you could record pulses from a digital pin. The digital pin could read from a probe or a IR receiver. Once a pulse set is recorded it could be named and played back later on a digital pin through EZ Script just like the " set dxx on" feature. Most remote control items are still IR driven in the home.

I would love to have this feature and I could use this to ultimately control the majority of household stuff. If would be easy to train new devices my pressing the button on the original controller while recording and naming the function. All we would need for organization is a panel per device and each panel would have its list of functions. Let's call the function "F" and we could number each function

A panel would be assigned a digital pin just like the Set digital port assignment.

Example , we have LG Remote and A/C Remote. The script could be something like - Send IR (LG,F11) , the Send IR panel named " LG" would send the IR function pulses previously saved as "F11".

Now to control the Air conditioning and a function F3 ( we will pretend F3 is 70 degrees cool setting) .... Send IR (AC,F3)

Also a secondary function could be send IR only sends once but Loop IR sends over and over.

This also opens the capability to control other robots that use a it trigger like the wowee roboquad models with the different IR signals.


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United Kingdom
Tony (@Toymaker) has something similar working in his EZ-B based robot
Great idea Josh! I hope DJ can create such a feature.....Perhaps @Toymaker can explain what he has:)
I have a similar idea, but with Z wave techs.
@PJ I know your busy with the "move" but your leaving us hanging with the Z wave techs tidbit!:) Enquiring minds need to know ...more!
lol, I apologize; I will do my best to get settle ASAP, will start ordering Z-waves modules tomorrow.

wireless lighting control (5x)
wireless wall socket (3x)
Wireless door lock (1x)
Wireless camera (2x)
Motion sensor (3x)
Main control unit (1X)
already install dragon naturally speaking 12

Will use the EZ-B SDK package, most likely in C++, so I can be able to have ez-b talk to z-wave techs along with dragon voice speech.

I really do like jstarne1 original idea, had plan to hack my robosapien head and replace it with an I/O ir capable of sending and receiving signal from ez-b. For example robot change to ESPN, turn on tv, play music, turn on living room light , etc.
ohhhhh ok Now I got cha! like this thread about X10 and the more reliable Z wave house interface http://www.ez-robot.com/Community/Forum/posts.aspx?threadId=3587 :)

PS I saw the most amazing thing in our little harbour on the west coast of canada....three killer whales (orkas) breaching and circling a pool of salmon! The locals here have rarely seen killer whales in this harbour WOW ..plus 15 boats of all sizes jammed with whale watchers!
United Kingdom
I have only just noticed this thread, for those who may not have seen my other thread on this, below is a video of a PIC microcontroller that I developed that can emulate the control codes from all IR/RF hand controllers and this is what Rich is referring to. We will be using this in the EZ:1 and EZ:2 robots so the user can control TV, radio, video, music, lighting, toy robots etc wirelessly by voice or program scripts.

Tony do you mind selling this board without the EZ1 kit
United Kingdom
Josh I will be releasing (selling) all the component parts of the EZ:2 when we launch the EZ:2, so can supply the PIC or a complete board. In the EZ:2 this PIC will link with the EZ-B via I2C. Lots of other neat things in the pipeline like charging pod locator, sound direction detector module (prototype is currently accurate in tracking a sound source with an accuracy of 3 degrees) also a new non-contact bumper system so the robot does not actually have to collide with things this system can even respond to thin table legs etc. Two other PICs, one being an I2C locomotion controller with a lot of nice features and the other is the head I2C PIC that controls all the head servos, mouth, eye LEDs and sensors from just 2 port lines of the EZ-B.
What is the name of the Virtual A.I that you are running on your laptop?
United Kingdom
Its our Ai core, she is called ARIEL "Artificial Reasoning Intelligent Electronic Lifeform" I will post a longer video of ARIEL on your other thread later.