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Selling Ezb Kits

I have

1 x EZB Six Robot kit complete in brand new condition. 300.00 USD OBO

1 x EZB JD Complete kit in brand new condition. 350.00 USD OBO

1 X EBb3 Developers Kit... complete 60.00 USD OBO

All have been used but are in prime condition.


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may i ask why you sell all ?


Luis has mentioned in the past that he's disillusioned with the EZ Robot product. I could be wrong but I got the feeling he thinks it's too basic for him. I hope it's not us here on the forum that drove him away. I know someone questioned his interest in other platforms a few months ago and told him he should give up on them. He's talented and knowledgeable enough to make other "dummer" products do what he wants by injecting his genius into them. I wish I had his keen talent of working with code to bring things to life. I for one miss his insight here. I was learning neat things about coding and ways to look at interfacing platforms. tired



ah .he sure has talent.i like watshing his video's


Ya, ya gotta love love the old hippies of the word!

Peace, Love, ....... well you know the rest. ;)


@Luis What comes with the V3 Developers Kit?


Hello , I am not out of ezb robotics. I will keep one ezb4 controller and continue to help folks working on ezb.

I am selling these ezb sets because though i am interested in playing with ezb4 (as it is allot of fun to play with ) , I program robot for a living and the EZB system is more of a toy , Use full in building small robots and learning how to robots work and operate but there will never be a commercial application for it.

I don't want to get into all the reasons as it may sound as I am bashing the EZB product and In no way want to discourage anyone that is new to robotic for trying it , because it is an awesome toy for learning robotics and program.

I feel if you can get your feet wet using ezb script you are just one step from learning to program any language you want. Most are no more difficult to use than ez Script and have been around longer and have more functionality.


@Luis What comes with the V3 Developers Kit?

1 - EZB 3 board

1 - Wireless cam and usb addapter

4 - ezb HD Servos

2 = ezb continues rotation servos

1 = Ultrasonic ping sensor

1 - battery holder

I talked to my kids teacher earlyer today and see will see if her school will let her buy the v4 kits monday.. I will know for sure mon or tues.

I am not upset or angered by anyone here or the product. I am just interested in building robot code and function for commercial use and this is not a commercial use product, it's a toy for building other toys.

The lic agreement for use of the EZ Product makes it so I cant use the boards in final production of product as well.


What's your email?


The sdk is what you need to use to release the features that you're looking for - the license agreement is for the ezb, however we will license the code on the chip in your custom board.

There are already a few rather large companies licensing the chip and sdk library - you'd be surprised at how large some of the companies are. They're licensing for their commercial product.

By limiting yourself to ARC, you can easily limit the commercial licensing:) and capabilities.

Good luck with your project! Excited to see it:)



great to hear yourre ok.


Luis, From my point of view I wouldn't call EZB a toy. I'd call it a Godsend and a maker of dreams come true. There is NO way a simple construction worker like me could have achieved a real robot without it. I've heard people say "just learn to code". Sometimes people just don't have the time or ability to wrap their mind around concepts like this.

Anyway, you have a gift. Thanks for sharing it.


@Luis I sent you an email. I am interested in the EZB V3 developers kit.

Thanks WayneA


thanks for the response. the ez V3 is gone.

I still have the other 2 , the Six and JD.



what are the chipping cost to belgium for six?


i can check in the morning and will let you know



great thanks.

belgium antwerpen 2020


155.81 usd was the rate from fedex. Is there a carrier you would want me to check with?


International shipping via DHL or even USPS would Probably cost less, particularly if you don't choose express.




thats too much for me,thanks for checking.



email me at and we can work out details.


I have sold the DJ and have the Six still available if anyone is interested.

I will put it on Ebay next weekend if no one here wants the SIX Robot KIT



i sold dj?hahahahaha

you mean jd