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Second Screen

i have a second screen and it works,problem my mous does excacly,
same on the other screen.what i want is that the mous works separt,
so i can use two diff ez builder excample laptop roli and other screen jd
then they can talk .


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got some help from a friend.i can points on two screens separt.
next problem is cant find two diff ip from the ezbv4
Hi Nomad,

I'm not really sure, but if you are after the 2 robots interacting, I think it would be easier to use just the 1 instance of ARC, and use the connection panel to connect your JD to say connection 0, and your Roli to connection 1.

I think the scan option for the connection 1 would ignore any ip you are already connected to and continue scanning past that to find your 2nd I.p.

Also this way you can much more easily set up interactions between the 2 robots such as:


// JD is on connection 0
Ezbsaywait("knock, knock",0)
// Roli is on connection 1
Ezbsaywait ("who's there?",1)
Ezbsaywait("Roli who?",1)
Ezbsaywait("Don't you know your own name?",0)

Hope this suggestion assists.

I am not sure you can still run two copies of ARC at once. In the V3 days, you could, but I think now it will only correctly work with one session running, so Aceboss' suggestion of creating one app to run both robots is the solution. Only real issue with that is that you can only have Movement Panel so need to get creative with scripts to have them both move.

You can run as many copies of ARC as your computer will support for application memory potential.

In Windows 8+, running multiple instances of a program is different than earlier Windows versions. You will need to right click on the task bar of an existing application instance and select it again to load another instance.

Simply clicking on the icon in the tile menu does not load another instance.

This is default behavior of Windows 8+ operating system for running more than one instance of an application.
hi all

i try them all no luck to get a second ip
i can see bolt ARCs
win8 adventurebot and second screen roli,