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Second Hbridge

Can I hook up 2 of the 2.5 Amp L298N Motor Driver H bridges to the the EZ-B? I see in the manual that you can only have one controller per project but I've read others say they are placing several H bridges in their robots. I plan to have at least 4 DC motors in my robot. If so how is it wired up? According to DJ's video there only seems to be room for one set of signal wires on the EZ-B.

Thanks, Dave Schulpius

OK, Ignore this post. I got a bit confused. I took a second look and realize now that one H Bridge is attached to 4 different Digital ports. One signal wire to each port. Then there is a 5vdc & Ground going to the H Bridge. As long as I don't run out of ports I can line up the H Bridges.

@kamaroman68 I think uses a 25 amp roboclaw and it does work with the Sabertooth controller and/or send serial commands.


great! So impatient to struggle even more! LOL. But I really need to gain more precision for my robot.

roboclaw looks like the easiest way. The tutorial for sabertooth and kangaroo seems to be only for use of a motor as a servo, which is not what I need, unless that includes continuous servos mode.

The cheapest way is arduino, especially that I already have everything at home. I only don't know where to start for everything I found online so far seems to indicate that it's one arduino per motor, am I right? It seems I can't use only one same arduino for two motors, or more. So should I use 2 arduinos each one hooked to a h bridge and then send serial signal to ezb from 2 different sources?


you said earlier "we can whip up simple code for you". Did you mean to add this feature in an upcoming update ? That'd be great. Not that I would not write (or copy paste most of it anyway) the code myself, but that would be really awesome if it were directly integrated with EZB. Well I'd still have to upload the code into the arduino board... so, yep, I'm not sure what you meant. Not sure to even get the word "whip up"... haha.

Thanks anyway.
Hey Alan, yup roboclaw, actually 3 of them. Custom Movement Panel for the track drives, and the rest all scripted with simple serial commands. They have a lot of features, lots of fault protection. Haven't had any issues with any of them and firmware is easy to update. However I don't use encoders at this point but possibly in the future.
ok don't know what happened it seems I didn't send my last post. So, in few words, I managed to make this work with arduino and hridge. However now I'm looking to find some instructions on how to make this communicate over serial to EZB. Do I just connect arduino's rx and tx to EZB's and then I will be able to read whatever string / value is in the serial buffer?
I also need to have the arduino to receive commands or can I just connect signal wires from EZB to hbridge? Excuse me... I'm thinking out loud actually, it's not like I can ask my wife to listen to me about this...:D

I think it's pretty simple, I disconnect the signal wires which go from arduino to IN1,IN2, 3, 4 on the hbridge and put the EZB's instead. I only need the arduino to read the signal from sensors V out.

oh, there was that question in my last post that I didn't send : I'm using only sensor A Vout, what is the white wire for (sensor B Vout) ? does anyone know that?