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Search Function?

I'm trying to search for something, but the search always returns 0. It even it populates what I'm looking for as I type, but alas nothing. I've tried two browsers. Anyone having the same issue?

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yeah same,  Google + the word Synthiam is my go to.  The forum has a few idiosyncrasies like editing in Firefox is impossible on a Mac, going to reply to one post but you find your reply went to another post, having to select wrong subjects to enter a question because none of the ones listed work, not being able to share a general post like HEY LOOK AT THIS, you can remote control a SPOT and shoot at things...  https://spotsrampage.com/
The website uses google for the search engine and sometimes they're down because of their own agenda. However, we made a quick change that will resort to using google consumer search when their service is acting up.