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Script Writing 101

Hello to All,

I have begun to use the Auto Position panel in my projects. I want to write a script to run the different action blocks. I also want to have events like a signal from the ultrasonic sensor or a digital signal from a sensor to operate an action panel. My first step would be to put the robot in a start position then have the actions, speech, movement, face tracking operate.

My programming skill is very minimal! Is there tutorials which explain this or a place where I can see this kind of script which I can easily convert to my needs? I want to educate myself so I can have a true robot, not a R/C operated one.

Thanks to all, Ron

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When I first started to program I found examples of code and played with them... I knew squat... I made small changes to see how they affected the program when it ran... My best advice is to check out example projects that are in ARC and in the cloud here... Just open the Example Project that interests you and have a look at the scripts that they contain... Try and understand what the script is doing and see what changes do to the script when it runs... If you have to start out flashing an LED or moving a servo then so be it... we all have to start somewhere... Look at @nomad for instance... a few months ago he did not know how to script projects, now he is really getting the hang of it all...

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If you check any of the scripts I have shared on the cloud or in topics I generally annotate them to explain what everything is doing and why it's doing it. They should be a good start for getting to know scripting.

Read through any scripts posted and read logically, one line after the other. The scripting language is basic so you can follow logically and shouldn't get too stuck however, if (or when) you do check the EZ-Script manual or ask on the forum and you'll get an easy to understand answer.

Once you wrap your head around how simple it is you'll be flying and to be honest it doesn't take long at all. As Richard said, he didn't know much when he first started but soon had it down, as has nomad amongst many others (including myself).


Thanks to both of you for replying. I will go look at the examples. I may be back with more questions later. Thanks Ron


Rich, Your tutorial is Great!, and is helping me understand the flow of scripts. The examples make it very understandable. I have gotten an Adventure Bot and will write the script into it to be able to see it in action.

Richard R, I see why you suggested, Just do!

Updates later.

I Thank you both,