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Script Sample Page In The Disscusion Forum

Hi All,
It would be really cool if there was a page in the Disscusion Forum just on script samples for all of us still trying to work out what it all means. I have gone through the different samples DJ has included in the EZB, and have trawlled through the comments in the disscusion forum for any helpful hints. I have managed to get some really cool script's doing this.
It would be great though if I could just go to a page, look up say; How to make your omnibots eyes blink, or How to make your omnibot shake hands and voila there it is.

I know that there are a few guys out there who believe that creating script is part of what makes the EZB special and I would defintely agree - if I knew how to do it;)

What does everyone else think?


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I begin and it is a good idea.
The examples are already in ARC, why the need to duplicate that?

If you have a question about a script or feature, post your script attempt
and everyone else will try to help you out.

I learned 90% of scripting from copying DJ's and others examples (EZ-Cloud).
The other 10% was with the help of others on the board here.
I do go through the cloud and check out everyones script - and yes it defintely does help to get an understanding, but you still have to go through everything before you find what you need. I'm talking about something a little easier to navigate and search through. A single place to have them instead of looking for them in the comments and the cloud.
Ask what you'd like to do and people can help:) For advanced scripting, there is the c# and vb controls. For those examples, check the EZ-SDK. We're all here to help. That's what this is all about:D
But wouldn't it great if I asked the community about a script, I get some help and then that script is available to all in an easy to navigate section on the forum page.

Just a thought.
Every EZ-Robot is unique and different; which is why your EZ-Script will be specific to your needs. Ask and people will help:)

The EZ-Community was created as a support group to share ideas and concepts. The forum is the place to do so. If you have a question to have your robot do something, ask and people will help.

What you are asking for already exists, and you're using it. Instead of using the forum to ask for a script forum, use the forum to ask for help with your goal:)

For example:


I would like my robot to perform a dance routine. How may i do that?

And someone will respond with something like...


You can control your robot with commands like Forward(), Left(), Right(), Stop(), Reverse() as a starting point. Then use the Sleep() command to pause between movements. For example:


That will move your robot forward for 2 seconds
Dj,that was a vary good example I have a question

i have a foscam camera with PTZ,can ez send http get commands so when i turn robot, camera will turn same direction
Now wouldn't it be sweet if I could type in dance and I get any script which is to do with dancing. :D Dig it that each robot is different - man that's why we are all into this, but having that sample above (which I will now appropriate;) ) would give me a great starting point.
Ok I've ranted enough - time to make Tomy dance!
@lonesoulsurfer My Wall-e robot has a dance routine. It would be impossible to have a script called "Dance" for all robots because they're too different. The servo positions and speed differences make it impossible. However, it would be pretty funny and make some of the robots look a little hilaroius trying to dance with a routine they weren't programmed for. Look in the Wall-e sample file under File -> Examples at the script called Dance. Or post here and we'll help ya:)

@pittom You sure can. It'll need to be sent with the C# or VB script combined with the Movement Script. If you create a new thread about it, we'll be able to help you:)
Lonesoulsurfer, I'm with you 100 %. I've been banging away on a few posts to try and get more script examples into the EZ-Cloud. Not much is coming back which I find fascinating - no - I find it almost incredible. Maybe there just aren't that many EZ-Robots completed out there. DJ has a point about different robots with different servo positions etc but that doesn't stop folks posting up script examples that can be categorized into certain outcomes. I think where people get confused is that like me, your not after an exact script to dump in your builder to run your robot, your after examples of how to string scripts to commands to achieve a certain outcome in a robot.

The notepad in within the ARC is an excellent way to outline how the script works in each example - but it's rarely used - even by DJ. I'm not afraid to say I'm frustrated with the lack of examples in the cloud data base - but I'm certain that many more command string examples will appear over time as more people complete their robots and start to play with them.

In the meantime I've added a few of my own which are very basic but might help you.

Yes I to have forgotten in some to add a notepad with how the script commands work but I am getting better at it

As a teacher, I see the student who does not understand constantly asking for new ways to help him learn. The students who already understand, always respond with "the answer is already there" and it is to them. Of course that never helps the new student. As a teacher I try my best to implement techniques suggested by the questioning learner.
I'm glad I'm not the only one who would love access to more scripts. I thought for awhile there that it must be just me!

I suggested adding another category in the discussion page, but The EZ cloud is definitely the best place to store them. I've just finished my little pet and he desparatley wants a personality, but I'm still a novice at scripting and most of the more complicated ones are beyond me at the moment.

Your totally right about getting scripts wihich can be catergorized into certain outcomes. All I really need is some cool, personality scripts and I'll do the port changes etc. myself.

Still think though that the EZ is an absolutly amazing tool and heaps of fun, but now that i've built my robot I want to give him some attitude:D

Happy building.