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Script Command To Play Music Out Ezb4 Speaker Rather Than Pc

So I went through the list of commands in Ez scrip and I must say I am having a lot of fun. I am asking the robot what his favorite song is and he answers, relatively crudely due to my coding with lots of sleeps. Anyways I cant find a command to play music mp3 file to ezb4 speaker? I can only find command to play through pc speaker. Is there a command? Thanks Chris


Upgrade to ARC Pro

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  1. click Add Control

  2. Select Audio

  3. Add Sound Board (EZB)

  4. click on the blank row of the sound board and select your MP3 file

  5. Now press the PLAY button to hear the sound for example

  6. Press Stop to stop the audio

  7. to programmatically have the MP3 file play from EZ-Script, use the ControlCommand(). You can view all available ControlCommand() syntax when editing a script by pressing the Cheat Sheet tab.

For more information on how to make controls talk to each other, read this page: EZ-Script Help

Great to hear you're enjoying the v4! Looking forward to seeing a video of what you create!


Im sorry to have to ask.... but im not fully understanding the control command. I have an mp3 song sitting on my desktop, but I don't know how to map to it via the control command. As always thanks for the help. Chris


Have you added the EZB4 Soundboard control to your project? Once you do, click the middle big box on each row of the control to populate it with songs or sounds... then use the below code in a script to play song # 1,2... etc...

 # song 1
ControlCommand("Soundboard v4", Track_0)

 # song 2
ControlCommand("Soundboard v4", Track_1)



I am really really over thinking things here. Thank you again Richard. The Congratulations goes to you my friend. Thanks again! Chris