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Asked — Edited

Saying A Variable From The Variable Watcher

I am running one of those other boards and sending a variable to EZB and into the variable watcher.
This is a room temperature reading.
The variable name is $Temp.
I want to have EZB tell me the variable value at the time I ask for it.
(Example: It is 74 degrees in the room at the time of the reading.)
I have tried ... SayWait("The temperature is ", +$Temp) but all i get is a error.

What is the proper way to ask EZB to say a int variable from the variable watcher?



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1) you don't interact a variable from the variable watcher. The variable watcher merely displays the contents of declared variables

2) the syntax to combine variables is the same in all programming languages, which is a + symbol

Your code would be:


SayWait("The temperature is " + $Temp)
I needed to have the space between the "+" & "$Temp".

Thanks guys
And you should not have a comma