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Saving A Project Script

I realize that this should be a no brainer but; I'm having a problem saving scripts. What I have done is:

Open "Scripting" Compose the script. Click on "save" at the bottom of script window. I go back to open the script I just completed. Click on "File" Click on "My Projects". The script name comes up. click on it. The script name comes up in blue lettering. I tried clicking on it, but nothing happens.

I've gone thru the tutorials but find nothing on saving projects/scripts. I have successfully written a test script, run it, had it work successfully. Disconnected the board. Then went thru the above script. I'm using EZ-B v3 btw. Any help appreciated. Lloyd


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When you save a script it should now be on your desktop of ARC ... Open and edit the script using the little wheel looking icon in the script itself. No need to go into the menu system to edit previously saved scripts...


I might be misunderstanding you. Are you talking about opening a project that you have previously saved?... And when you say script do you mean file? If so don't click on the blue name, click on the picture or the green "open" box at the right hand side....

Can you give us a screen grab pic of what you mean?

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Your process does not marry up with the process of adding an EZ-Script to a project.

There is no "Scripting". Scripts are controls. Do you mean you add the EZ-Script control and open up the dialogue?

To reopen a script does not involve any file, open of any kind. Are you opening a script or opening a project?

Also, did you save the project before opening a new project? Even though you save an EZ-Script it doesn't auto save the project. You must save the project.


Hi @robotz12248,

It sounds like you saved your script, after you entered it in the control. But that save button only saves when you entered into the script control. What you also need to do is, is click Save under the File menu. It sounds like you missed that step, because when you reopen your project it is not there.

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Also when you close ARC it asks first if you want to close ARC it then asks if you want to save the project...I generally select YES to resave my project.

Here is a tip: As your project files grows make local back up version of it. That way if it gets hosed (which mine never has) or you make a bunch of changes you hate you can go back to a previous stable version.

If this does not help you can you post a video of what you are doing?


And I rechecked the learn section, right now there is nothing noted to "save" a project. That might make for a good tutorial for some folks along with some other tips for working with project files.


Success! Thank you gentlemen for your help. I've been away from ARC for a few years, so I'm basically re-learning. I'm now 66 years old and have suffered two strokes. I have recovered about 98%, but still periodically have short term memory problems. So, Please bear with me if I ask what seem to be relatively simple requests. One of my goals with ARC is to create an assistant bot that can help me with certain tasks. Once again, Thank you all for such prompt replies. Lloyd