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Sabertooth And Ezb V4

(Newbie here)..... lol I have been fighting for the past two days now to get my robot to move with no luck. I have a sabertooth 2x25 that works fine if I hook it to a RC receiver but when I hook it to the ezb it will not control the motors. I have used the sabertooth plug in and it has no speed control. I have tried to use the servo control it filed under my newbieness to the ezb. Can someone make a plugin that will work like the sabertooth plugin but give the user speed control. but for now can someone take me step by step on how to set this up so I can use my ezb only and not have to continue to use a RC receiver. Thanks for any and all help... confused confused :(


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I'm no expert with these but I use them. It sounds like you have the Sabertooth for RC controllers - I'm not sure if that one will work with the EZB. Check that. You don't need a special plugin just use the Custom Movement Panel control in your project. Also, post how you have your Sabertooth connected now and we can help you from there.


Every control has a ? (Question mark) next to the X (close) button. Press the ? on the saber tooth control to read the manual. Here is a direct link:


I have the sabertooth set to simplified serial,9600 baud per the dip config that was on the sabertooth 2x25 dip switch wizard . It is plugged in to port D0. I used the dip switch config from dimension engineering > . I did the following lead acid for battery type / TTl level for input / simplified serial / jest one controller.This is what i got :D User-inserted image

(Update) i jest tried running this setup jest so i can say i did and the motors only go one way and when i click the other button lets say left it has a hard stop and knocks the camera off the side. my motors are two wheel chair motors if that helps with knowing what size my bot is. :D


Robot king - I'll modify the control to have speed slider. I would recommend using the joystick control rather than RC. It will work the same way.


Thank you do I have the other settings right as far as dip switches I'm not shure how the dip switches should be configured in jest going off of what info I can find??


Every control has a ? (Question mark) next to the X (close) button. Press the ? on the saber tooth control to read the manual. Here is a direct link with setup information and many tutorials:


DJ Sures ,I have hit the ? mark on the sabertooth and i was asking about the dip switch it asked for the input or the output of the ezb rather is the output of the ezb one of the following

  1. With an analog voltage
  2. With radio control, or simulated radio control using a microcontroller
  3. With TTL level RS-232 serial data using a PC or microcontroller this is what is not stated in the tutorials.

The EZ-B Sabertooth motion panel users simple serial at 38,400. Here is one of may good threads on the subject:

This is the kind of question that the EZ-R forum doesn't support searches for well, but the site is indexed by google. You can find every mention of Sabertooth and dip switches by using this in a google search.

site: sabertooth dip switches



@robotking69 Bob Houston asked what version of sabretooth you have? R/C or Mirco controller version? FYI I have not been able to use the R/C version of the sabretooth with my ezb.... However, I have an inkling that it might be possible to drive the R/C version with servo commands... I haven't personally tested this however...


@Richard R How do i tell what version I have I didn't know there was a difference is there a marking to tell the difference in the two? if the rc version is with servo leads then no i have only thermal blocks.


If it has 2 or 3 servo wires soldered to it than it's the R/C version.... Those servo wires are meant to be plugged into a radio receiver... If there are no servo wires then it is the micro controller version... You can go on dimension engineering's web site to confirm which one you have...


@ Richard R I used the link that you gave me however i cant get my motors to change speed its jest all on or all off ? any ideas :)


Post the code you are using so we can have a look at it. That will make it easier to help you.


@ Bhouston the code can be found in the link in post nine I jest copied and pasted it in to the custom movement panel. It worked jest like the plug in for the hbridges plugin the hard and stoping is one of the worse parts and the no control or speed. I have tried the help tabs and still no luck I have google it and still no luck to see what I'm doing wrong with it.


This what I use to speed up going forward. I have this in the Forward Command box in the Custom Movement Panel control. You will have to adjust the port and baud rate.

SendSerial(1.D0,9600,127) # motor 1 127 is full speed
SendSerial(1.D0,9600,255) # motor 2 255 is full speed


Will that control the turning as well as fwd and rev


No that's to speed up while moving forward only.

Turn right
SendSerial(1.D0,9600,235) #255
SendSerial(1.D0,9600,20) #1

Turn left
SendSerial(1.D0,9600,107) #127 up
SendSerial(1.D0,9600,148) #128 dn

Reverse (speeding up)
SendSerial(1.D0,9600,20) # motor 1 127 is full speed
SendSerial(1.D0,9600,148) # motor 2 255 is full speed
SendSerial(1.D0,9600,15) # motor 1 127 is full speed
SendSerial(1.D0,9600,143) # motor 2 255 is full speed



@ Djsures @ bhouston The codes works thanks so much. Is there a way to change the speed by like hitting LB on the Joystick to change the rate of speed from slow to max ? :D


I have no experience with using a joystick, I control my robot with voice commands. I'm sure that someone here will be able to answer your question.


Does anyone know how to add speed control to the code that Bhouston wrote me. I see int the movement script there is a place for Speed changed I don't know enough to write a code for it. Anyone know how to do this?:) :D