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Resolved Resolved by Jeremie!


I thought I posted this question yesterday but it must not of stuck...  I would like to display your logo on my Inmoov build on the shoulder plates.  So if you are OK with your logo on my build could supply some STL files of you logo?

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Hello @smiller29 while I can't give you permission to do it, I can tell you how to make the logo into an STL yourself.

You can open the Logo as a JPG or PNG in Inkscape and save it as an SVG. If it doesn't save nicely as an SVG you can always trace the bitmap in Inkscape or just trace the Logo with Besier curves and make a new SVG with the traced shape. Then you can import an SVG file into TinkerCAD and then extrude it to give it some depth and save it as an STL. Then use the STL file of the logo how ever you please!
@Jeremie,  I tried Inkscape and had no luck.   I would think they would have one already designed.
I don't know why I do these things, I seem to take them on as a personal challengexD

I was able to grab a JPG of the Logo, trace the bitmap in Inkscape, then simplify the output, clean it up, and then export it as a PNG. Even though Inkscape natively exports in SVG, TinkerCAD rarely likes the output that it produces. So I took the PNG and put it into an online SVG converter, imported it into TinkerCAD, scaled it down, centered it, and exported it as an STL.

Here it is: Synthiam Logo.stl

Figured I'd also add the EZ-Robot Logo here since it's in my best interest to promote EZ-Robot:D EZ-Robot Logo.stl

If @DJ doesn't want the Synthiam Logo to be available in STL format, I'll respectfully take it down. In my perspective, the more places the logo resides the more exposure you get, so I see it as a good thing for Synthiam.
hi jeremie

thank you for the stl's .

smiller29 good idea from you .
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@Jeremie,  You rock guy!  Thank you for all your efforts is all I can say.  It's people like you that make this hobby great.

Oh and I have the EZ-Robot logo on the back!!!

Thanks again!
So this is what I came up with after your wonderful efforts Jeremie.  These will be the shoulder caps on my new shoulder design for my Inmoov. Black background and the raised area will be white when printed.

User-inserted image
Oh that turned out awesome.  Can you upload the stl so I can print it too?
It looks great. I’m gonna print it to put on some stuff:)
Oh wow, that looks pretty cool.  Id like to proudly put that on a current design too:) anyone mind? I like to showing off the names of all the vendors Ive use on a project ( like I did on my Cybot years ago ):)
Could not of done without your help sir!!!
Hey, very nice !Now thats cool.