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Resolved Resolved by DJ Sures!

SSC-32 And Virtual Ports

Is there any way of turning off a virtual port? I am using an SSC-32 for more ports and was hoping to use the PWM(V0,90) command to set the voltage value of a virtual port. But this command only works for digital ports. I want to connect some LEDs to the virtual ports and turn them on and off.

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The SSC-32 is a servo controller. You can read about it here: https://www.robotshop.com/en/lynxmotion-ssc-32-servo-controller.html

For PWM, you will need an EZB that supports the pulse width modulation capability. Check out either an arduino mega or EZ-Robot v4. The Arduino mega is USB connected and has 13 PWM ports, 8 ADC ports, 21 digital ports, and 24 servo ports. It's probably the most versatile EZB controller.

Here's the firmware and info for the arduino mega: https://synthiam.com/Support/Hardware/Arduino-Due-Mega
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The EZ-Bv4 has 24 (PWM, Servo, I/O) Digital ports which are broken out with GVS header pins (no need for a shield), 8 ADC ports, 3 x I2C ports, 1 camera port and has an integrated Audio amplifier and speaker. The EZ-Bv4 is hands down the most versatile EZB controller:D

*Edit: Can't forget that the Arduino Mega (without additional hardware) also needs to be wired to a computer (no WiFi), which is quite inconvenient.
Ha okay, Jer - i get where you're coming from :). The EZ-Robot EZB v4 is more versatile in feature count. I was referring to the versatility of simultaneous features/ports of the Mega. This is because the Mega has soooooo many pins that you can use multiple peripherals at the same time, as my list above shows. So it's not that you only have 24 servos OR 13 pwms. You have 24 + 13 pwms, for example. That's crazy.

But yeah, not having WiFi is a pain for those without embedded PCs in their robots. With Raspberry Pi 4 and Windows 11, everyone should have an embedded PC now:D
I attached my LEDs to the EZB ports rather than the SSC-32 ports to turn them on and off.