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Rotation Servos

Hello Dj, i have a Problem with my Rotation Servos. I have these servos few years ago when you ordered along with the EZB-V3 and never used. Now I want to build a small robot and use these servos. Please look at the video, then you understand my problem:

I have the problem with all 4 servos and even with two boards EZB-V4. If this is a software error, or have you then a batch of defective servos? The EZB-V3 I have not so I can not test the servos so.

Thank you


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  1. You can't use those servos with the ez-b v4 or they will be damaged immediately due to the 7.4 volts

  2. It looks like the screws are on too tight or the wheel is stripped


Hey DJ, many Thanks to you, the problem was actually the screws on the wheels.

Sometimes one is just stupid. Sorry that I bothered you about it.

Because of the tension, let's see how long the servos join if you are broken I buy just new.

Is there a problem with the 7.4 V even in the normal servos I then purchased from you? Or they are to use the EZB-V4?


@lizpoir The regular ez robot servos are ok with 7.4v so don't worry...:)


I expect them to burn out at any time, but I have been using my old rotation servos from the v3 dev kit with a v4 and a 7.4v LiPo (and earlier with a AA six pack) without a problem. They go pretty fast:) and I only run them a few minutes at a time, but so far they haven't burned out.



Hello DJ, It certainly was coincidence that it worked when I screwed the wheels loose, the problem still exists. Even without mounted wheels to run the servos not right.