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Roomba 400 Series Scripting Commands , Verbage To Use

I have has excellent success in this hack thanks to EZ- Robot and now I need a little assistance. The Movement Panel works great, but ultimately it must be a autonomous script. I need to know what verbage / language to use when scripting. I will give example of some things that must happen.

To Dock -

INIT ( initialize) Select Clean Select Seek Dock

To undock itself-

Select Disable sensors Select INIT (initialize) Select Disable Sensors ( agian) Drive in Reverse

Can anyone write an acceptable example for each of these to try. I will research it in the meantime but combining talents makes things so much quicker.:)

EDIT: I found this as well, now I just need help putting it all together

Roomba( cmd ) Execute the specified command on a connected Roomba Vacuum on Port D0 and EZ-B 0. Look for the available Roomba commands further below in this document. You may also add the Roomba Movement Panel for graphical controls. Example: Roomba(init) Example: Roomba(SideBrushOn)


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Here is what I could find looking through the SCRIPT " ?" , I just dont know how they are to be written to work.

Roomba Commands- Init EnableSensors DisableSensors PowerOff SpotClean Clean MaxClean DisableAllBrushes MainBrushOn MainBrushOff SideBrushOn SideBrushOff VacuumOn VacuumOff SeekDockingStation


Would it be? -

Return to base from sitting-

Roomba(Init) Roomba(Clean) Roomba(Seekdockingstation)

Do I need to enter a wait timer between or is this fine?

Remove from base-

Roomba(disablesensors) Roomba(Init) Roomba(Reverse)


I think you're going to have to send serial strings to the D0 port with the Roomba Open Interface commands that will place the robot into the different modes like "clean", "seek dock".

Do an internet search for this document: iRobot® Roomba® Serial Command Interface (SCI) Specification

That document contains all the commands that can be sent to your Roomba.

The script commands will look something like this to start

1 # This command starts the SCI and must be sent 
2 # before any other command
4 SendSerial(d0,57600,128)
6 # This command places the Roomba in the Clean mode
8 SendSerial(d0,57600,135)
10# This commands tell the Roomba to look for the Dock
12 SendSerial(d0,57600,143)


Josh, Here are some scripts I currently use on my Robot with ICreate platform with voice commands. I use the script below in connection script, beep allows me to know Create is init. You must use the "" now in all the commands. Roomba("init") #Beep SendSerial(D0,57600,140,3,1,90,32,141,3)

My robot is somewhat tall, the command below reduces rocking.

Forward slow Command

SendSerial(D0,57600,137,0,100,128,0) sleep(500) #forward SendSerial(d0,57600,137,0,180,128,0) sleep(2000)

Forward slow Command

SendSerial(D0,57600,137,0,100,128,0) sleep(500) #stop SendSerial(D0,57600,137,0,0,0,0)

#REVERSE SendSerial(D0,57600,137,255,56,128,0) sleep(2000) #stop SendSerial(D0,57600,137,0,0,0,0)

Roomba Commands

. Init . EnableSensors . DisableSensors . PowerOff . SpotClean . Clean . MaxClean . DisableAllBrushes . MainBrushOn . MainBrushOff . SideBrushOn . SideBrushOff . VacuumOn . VacuumOff SeekDockingStation I cannot test the docking for you, because my docking station is broken. There are other usefull scripts by RobMcc and Doug Pope. Good Luck, Steve S Edit- I don,t know why the smilling face shows above with the Roomba("init")


Josh, Did any of the script suggestions help you? You can change the script arrangements and sleep times to fit your wishes. Don,t forget the " " around Roomba commands. Example Roomba("SeekDockingStation") Steve S


@ Steve. I have not been home yet to try some example scripts , I will try tonight I believe. I appreciate the help. Whatever I test I will post the result back up.


Josh, The script for turning right is, sleep value gives my Robot about a 90 degree turn. You can adjust. #Right SendSerial(D0,57600,137,0,100,255,255) Sleep(3000) SendSerial(D0,57600,137,0,0,0,0)

#Left SendSerial(D0,57600,137,0,100,0,1) sleep(3000) SendSerial(D0,57600,137,0,0,0,0)

Steve S


@Steve S, Jstarne1 Josh, be sure to get a copy of Serial Command Interface (SCI) Specification for Roomba... I do it the way Steve S does it, just not on the EZB (since I don't have one yet).... It works well on the AtomPro, so it will work on the EZB (as Steve can attest to)...

United Kingdom

Just a quick note on the Roomba commands, they need to be enclosed within quotes to meet EZ-Script syntax.



That's provided those commands are correct, I've not got a roomba to play with so have never used the commands.

The newest update (today) should now include the roomba and robosapien commands in the Cheat Sheet "click & paste" section of EZ-Script.


Josh, I did a short video on my Robot Captain Ann Droid showcase showing her startup connection script using the Roomba("init") command with SendSerial Beep, The above movement SendSerial scripts from voice commands, and a Halloween tribute to Poe using SendSerial movements from script. I have had some success using the Wi remote as a teach pendant for the recorder (maybe you might have your chiller project move around the room to serve guests @ certain locations?). The new EZB4 will be an advancement with the receive serial function from the Roomba wheel encoder info packets. Steve S


@ Steve yes the idea is to have maybe 3 to 4 locations picked and the robot just runs the script to bring it to that approx location. Then once you grab your beverage the lid closes and another script drives the bot about 3 ft in front of the base where the dock is activated.:) when I get off tonight I believe I will be able to try some things. I may build some tonight on it as well. Last night I wasn't feeling hot so I went to bed early.


Thanks for the suggestion Steve , I will try some suggestions and if I need more assistance go from there tux.