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Roli Reimagined

My Roli has been reconfigured with the cup holder in front. The arms can now pick and place objects.
I'm having fun!


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You're welcome!:D and thanks for sharing such an impressive video!


Amazing work @Robojack

I had to share that video around the office! So good!


That's excellent. Have you (or can you) posted your project publicly? I have been trying to do something similar and not been successful in getting the arm lined up with the found object close enough to pick up consistently. I would like to see how you achieved it.

(I did mine with lengthening the arms rather than turning the body around, but I like what you have done.

Stiko has done a lot of interesting modifications to the basic ROLI setup that you might find interesting as well.



Very impressive and creative, love it and thank you by return, this video made my day today. :)


Thanks to all for the positive feedback. I am working hard to finish my build profile and get it uploaded.
I basically had Speech Recognition Control access a Script Control, AutoPosition, and Video Camera to make the video of My Roli. Learning tons by using Blockly.
EZ Robot has an incredible product available to us.


Awesome video, love the Roli, makes me want one.:P

Great work well done. cool


@RoboJack This is excellent!

Please share some details on how you used the camera to position the arm to pick up the cap

Thanks, Frank


Robojack, Great work, excellent robot, and impressive demonstration. Your flight videos are even more impressive! Steve S;)


I'm having to completely rebuild Roli in my Assembly Instructions. I had the program freeze up on me just as I was finishing. Too bad, too tired to retry tonite. I'll get on it again tomorrow. Thanks again to all for your encouraging comments. Jack


Just uploaded my reimagined Roli. Look for the title ROLI CUP FRONT. I noticed the HBridge wiring guide did not load correctly.

Hopefully this will help. Jack


Thanks for this. As usual, I was overthinking the problem, trying to use camera pan tilt in combination with tracking with the whole robot. Much easier to just set the camera in a fixed position and track with the body. When I perfect that, I can add in searching with the camera and lining up, then using the body to approach the object.

I also really like reversing the H-bridge and having the storage in the front.

I am going to incorporate some of these ideas in my next rebuild.



I totally get "overthinking the problem". I entered a sumo competition awhile ago and had what I thought was a superior strategy programmed into my bot. I lost my first and only round to a 10yr old in :30 seconds!