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Robot Revolution Begins?

DJ it's the new year. Do you have a time line for your announcement on the robot revolution? Any more hints while we wait?


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I guess I should search the posts, I see I'm not the only one waiting.

-- Replicator 2? I think we will be competing with one another if it's what I think you are creating. I will have to rethink my business plan ;)
Lol im sure the loyal members are all excited to see new developments;)
Yes indeed. I was hopeful it was some advancement in AI, or the like. Perhaps it's both...or more
Here is a great article on 2013 tech advancements , including robotics and 3d printing.

2013 robotics
Lol . Just what every guy wants
@ DJ:D I am dancing around like a 5 year old having to take a wizz waiting for the announcement..

@ fxrtst That is a good article.
A training video is up on syfy web site. Pretty dang cool.
My wallet cringes at what I may tear away from it.:D
Your wallet hates it but your credit card company will love you lol
If what that guy says is true. I wish I would have waited to buy my CNC machine and 3D printer.
Yeah me too just dropped $15 grand on a Projet 1500. Looking into Cnc for foam carving. Is your Cnc large format or desktop?