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Robot Combat League?

I miss American TV. I found this on youtube.
The creator of Loki robot is also in it! DJ it's your turn to be on.:D


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Lol one day we will have out own league. Baby steps;)
United Kingdom
First episode I found a bit boring, bring on the fighting:) Glad Dave & his daughter beat the cocky sons of bitches though, and last weeks surprise result was good too:)
I noticed the frames and equipment on all the bots are the same. There is just a unique shell on each one and Scorpio has the blades bolted to the frame.
There was nothing robotic about those machines. They are all hooked up to joysticks and actuators. All telemetry. Notice how they solve bipedal movement by putting a giant "third leg" rig on the backs?

It's cute. Kinda like giant-sized Rock 'em Sock 'em robots.

It'll be off the air by ep. 3 or 4.
After watching the show, I'm convinced my Grandma's purse makes a more deadly weapon.
( And more practicle one too! )

Using Ez Robots would definitely make it more interesting.