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Video? There must be video!:D (Please?)


for now it does not work, as you can see there is a lot of confusion inside I want to mount an EZ controller


I must also understand in what film to starred


i think you gonna need more then 1 ezbv4.use all ez robot parts. the robot looks very amazing.


WOW! I can kinda make out its face, looks interesting! So many buttons and toggles! How does it act?


Wow....that's a cool looking robot! Did you custom make the body?


@lupinoxp do you know the history of your robot? Do you think it was used and built for a film?

To me based on the design and the internal components and general age it looks like a custom robot built in the early 80's for advertising and shows and public appearances. Robots like this often had a wireless PA system so the person controlling the robot could talk through it to people.

A lot of companies sprang up in the 80's to produce robots like this but they did not stay in business very long because the market just wasn't there.

I own a large Probotics of America (which is still in business) robot from this era, it even had an 8-track player in the chest! The outside design of my robot looks different than yours but the inside looked the same, a big mess of old wires!

Your robot looks really fantastic!