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South Africa
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Resolved Resolved by DJ Sures!

Robosapien; Board Hmd-16 Rev:01

HMD-16 rev:01 2007
does not show correct pinout for IR connector...
gnd is there
User-inserted image

Can you advise thanks!


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South Africa
Soz to explain I want to connect EZ to this robosapien.........
For sure! Took me forever to hunt down a compatible roboquad.
Hi Guys,
Maybe this is late but i just got a robosapian X and found that the IR out is the 3rd pin from the Left on the head connector. You will see a small solder pad connected to the bottom of that, that is where you can connect to. I hope this helps. If you look at the old boards they are similar but laid out just a bit different.
hi i found the vcc power.
User-inserted image
here another pic .i think its better to see.
User-inserted image

User-inserted image

your board and mine
Hey @Nomad My board is similar to yours, is the one marked IR-OUT (right next to the Gnd) the one I need? I just figured it was like positive to positive, not like in to out like stereo equipment but I guess that makes sense. Can you confirm this for me? I don't want to ruin any of my stuff;)
the pic whit the red cirkel on is your board.
and it seems that the IR always is in desame place,also on other boards.
we can ask other members there opinion too.
incase some bad happens ,i have a spare board you can have .

User-inserted image
Hi Artron007, if you look at both boards, on the head connector (top center of board) where nomad18.08 has circled you will see the grd, below that also circled in the same circle is the Vrx, now if you look at the third pin from the left (which is IR Out) directly below it is a pad of solder that you can use to connect to the IR Out, another way to find it is looking directly to the left of the p2.5 label. I hope this helps, sorry I'm not posting pics right now but I'm not anywhere near a board to do so. I will try to upload a pic later.
so the smal red cirkel is Vrx ? this pic maybe helps
User-inserted image
Hi, Take a look at this, this is the way it is laid out, look at other boards and you will see that the pins are the same, but the placement of the solder pads are placed differently.
User-inserted image
South Africa
Thanks very much for all the input gents especially you bucknerbg27
I will attempt this over the weekend and advise
I was NEVER going to attempt it NOT knowing the correct pinouts and damage my EZ Robot

be well!

something I found quite amazing: check out this website wow!

Slight correction, the Vrx is actually Vre (see image)now that i look at the other boards. Hope this does not inconvenience any one attempting to work on their robots. Happy Robo Hacking!
User-inserted image
Thanks everybody. My board is more like Nomads so the IR Out is labeled well. I just need to have clarified, will I be connecting my data wire to IR-Out or some other pin. I know the ground goes to GRD but not sure what to connect the data wire to. In DJ's video it's just an IR and, it's never clarified weather its the in or out or send or receive just IR. Thanks for helping me out guys. I really do appreciate it.:)
You have 3 wires or pins... grd, +V and data... IR out/in would connect to your data pin on the ezb...
OK Thanks. In the video JD cuts the +V and just solders the ground and data. So that's what I was going to do, I just wasn't sure since it was labeled different:) Thanks again, I can't wait to finish hacking my RoboSapien. I should have it done by sometime Sunday. It's still opened up and just wait for me to solder the connections. (I also have a xbox 360 wireless controller to pc adapter coming. I can't wait to start using my controller with my robots.)
Using the arduino uno rev 3.0 does not seem to be sending the ir commands. Im wondering if the ir commands are different then from version 1.0. Anyone have any ideas on this?
United Kingdom
V1 and V2 are supported by ARC and the EZ-B. I would assume the commands for movement are the same.

Have you tried with an EZ-B and ARC or only the Armadillo?
Just the arduino. I tried an application that had the ir codes from the robosapien version 1. I'm not sure the ir codes are the same for the robosien x.