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Robo Scratch Android

Hello, I tried using Robo Scratch for Android Mobiles today to program a loop. Is this possible at all? So I would like to start the scratch again and again.

Thank you

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Today I finally tested Blockly. Allow me to ask you two questions?

"PlayAudio" dont work, I can not select audio files from the mobile device

"RGB Animate" does not work in Robo Scratch and Blockly.

Is the software error or am I doing something wrong?

Many Thanks from Germany



Play Audio works. If you cannot select audio file, it is because you do not have a soundboard. View the source code for additional information. there is a View Sourcecode button. Here is information about the Sound boards..

Soundboard (PC): Soudnboard (EZB):

RGB animate works as well. RGB Animate only works if an RGB Animator is added to the project. View the source code for additional information. Here is information about RGB Animator:

For more information, learn about ARC in the activity guide here:

Additional information about ARC and controls can use the LEARN section accessed from the top of this website.


Hello DJ Sures, Thank you

Soundboard I had not, now it works.

RGB Animator I have in the project, in RoboScratch works fine, it does not work in the blockly. There is only one command:

ControlCommand("RGB Animator", AutoPositionStop)

I believe the latest beta may include the Auto Position control commands. It should be available today


Hello DJ Sures, Soundbord PC dont work Soundboard EZB work

I will take Soundboard PC?


Everything works perfectly - have fun:D


Hello DJ Sures, its the same, Soundbord PC dont work Soundboard EZB work

I will take Soundboard PC?

I have Android Version: v2017.02.16.00

Its no Update in the PlayStore.

Thank you


Hello DJ Sures, I know you have a lot to do, but I just can not get any further. I would be very grateful to you for an answer.

Soundboard PC does not work Soundboard ECB Works I want to use Soundboard PC? I have Android version: v2017.02.16.00 There is no update in PlayStore.

Where is the error?

Many Thanks


Soundboard PC is not supported in RoboScratch and there are no plans to support it in roboscratch.

Soundboard EZB works great in RoboScratch and blockly. Again, there are no issues with Soundboard EZB in RoboScratch or blockly

Have fun!

I will no longer be responding to this topic as RoboScratch and Blockly both work as designed

For more information on either RoboScratch or Blockly, check the activities guide by clicking on the word activities in this sentence


Thank you, Now I know.

Greetings from Germany