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Rgb Array Sensor Seperation

So I just got my robots head and neck in yesterday and noticed that it didn't come with any LEDs bummer, but then I was like o well why use crappy standard LEDs when I can just use the Rgb array sensor instead to give omega more personality, but I stop to think, wait the sensor is to short to reach both eye openings, so I am wondering can the Rgb array be cut in half and rewired and still work or would I just have to buy two Rgb sensors and use them that ways. Any one got an idea hate to buy two if not necessary.


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Not unless your really good with a hacksaw and soldering.... kidding of course... It's a one piece unit... It would be Kind of like cutting a human in half... what's the right side going to do without a heart?... If you look closely at the IC controller chip in the middle of the RGB board you'll see how impossible it is to cut it in two and have it still work. You get the idea... Even if you leave the IC on one side you would still have to solder wires to all the tracers on the section without the IC... Best to buy 2 of the 8 x 8 LED matrix from adafruit or wait until EZ Robot's upcoming 8x8 LED version is released...



can blink M be a solution for you.


O kool I didn't know an 8x8 Rgb was coming and good thing I didn't buy one and cut it in have that would have been a waste of money lol thank you for letting me know that would have sucked


Question, I was wondering could u wire just the power and ground wires to the lead ends of a led or dieode and plug it up to the analog ports on the ez-b or would it not work


Depending on the LED's voltage requirements and amp draw, you can wire LED's directly to digital ports. Signal and Ground (not VCC+). You can use PWM to control the brightness.



@Omegaproject Dude, I absolutely mean no offence, but you really should brush up on your electronics 101 before you start some of your ez robot projects... You don't want to hurt your ezb... LOL... Ok, first off the analog port is for reading resistance values and voltage levels from 0 to 5V.... You need a digital port when using an LED.... Second if your still talking about the RGB board then, again it's nearly impossible (unless your Jeremie :) ) to solder wires to those tiny board tracers...

If your talking regular LEDs then see @nomads thread on them...Powering LEDs


"Question, I was wondering could u wire just the power and ground wires to the lead ends of a led or dieode and plug it up to the analog ports on the ez-b or would it not work "

The analog ports are for input, not for the control of LEDs.

The title of this post is "Rgb Array Sensor Seperation" - this makes me concerned that you think there is a sensor in the RGB array. The RGB array is just an LED light display, there is no sensor.

Does that make sense?

Based on the "Omega Project Status" thread it looks like you bought a head from XL-Robotics (Way Cool - I'm jealous), I think Anthony designed it for a specific 8x8 LED displays? Maybe....maybe I dreamed that.....I could be wrong. You can probably put just about any leds or displays in there, but I would ask XL-Robotics if he has one he recommends for the head. I'd encourage you to not try cutting a display in half, it's not worth it even if you are electronics wiz, there are so many other options. Why tear up a nice display is my thinking.


Thank you all and o lol I thought that the analog ports were like ports that you could hook LEDs and stuff up to put that you would have to switch them on manually lol I guess I was wrong. Yea I wasn't sure what the analog ports or tr whatever port that's under them was lol I pretty much know mostly about the digital ports but, yea your right I should brush up on my electronics 101, I would be helpful lol, and yes Anthony's omni head was perfect for omega so I had to buy one, he has a chappie inspired head, omnibot head and his cyborg head I would recommend checking them out