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Rex Drive Motor With Optical Encoder

I just received in the mail today a REX motor With encoder and I was wondering if anyone knows where I can get a 5 pin plug and lead to suit the encoder pins on the motor
User-inserted image

I have looked but cant seem to find anything that will fit. I will need something to connect the encoder to a Kangaroo/Sabertooth combo



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Zagros robotics sells the rex motors so you might want to check to see if they also sell the encoder cables?
HaHa....I don't own one of these motors but there is something about it that I really like for some reason.... :P

Rex Gordon
Thanks Richard & Tony.

As it turns out, Zagros Robotics do sell encoder cables..... DOH! I didn't think to look before I placed the order a few weeks ago.
I decided to buy the crimp housings and crimp pins locally from Element14 as Tony suggested. I can get enough bits to make up multiple leads any length I want and It will end up costing me the same as buying one pre made lead (when you factor in the lead, freight and exchange rate from the States)

United Kingdom
Steve, I use these headers and plugs for almost all connections in my robots. Any investment in a crimping tool will be well worth it if you are making a big robot.

I am planing to make a mobile unit

How quiet is that motor?
United Kingdom
Their motor noise is not too bad, you can hear it at various speeds in this video.

Tanks Toymaker,

Your video worth a thousand words
Hay Steve, I'm using this motor and encoder on the waist of my B9. It's pretty quiet and I really don't notice it. I have some pictures of it installed over in my project thread here on the ez robot forum.

That connector pin on the encoder accepts a common 0.1 Molex connector and housing. Found at places like Digikey, Mouser and Great Plains Electronic. Look here


I don't know if the crimpers you mentioned will work with them but I bet they will.
Hi Dave,

I intend to use the motor for the same application as you, (not really a coincidence ;)) I'm in the process of pricing a Molex crimper and some alternatives as we speak with my local Electrical Wholesaler. The Molex one is pretty pricey *eek* I need to check all the crimper's I already have too, I may have something that will do the job. I will have to wait for the crimp terminals from Element14 to turn up so I can do a test crimp.

I found an excellent low cost crimper, well, low cost compared to the Molex crimper. The Molex one would have cost me nearly $500 *eek* Hard to justify with the amount of work they will do. The other one is made by Engineer, model number PA09 $75 and they work a treat. Very happy with them.
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Where did the wheels come from that are shown on video ?
United Kingdom
@rb550f, The wheels are standard 6mm axle trolley wheels that have been customised.

It needs the customisation because my robot locomotion platforms can move with great precision so I need to reduce wheel slippage to an absolute minimum else movement errors start to be a problem. This type of end wheel design helps keep wheel slippage down to a minimum.