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Oh wow it worked!

Ok it's great to be back after life took a turn a few years ago.

I wanted to say hi and to share my recently revived humanoid robot project.

Is this the best area to ask for help along the way?

I was going to write in the project area but it said i need a video, and of course i don't have on yet so please let me know where i can post my project thank you. :)User-inserted image


You should post your robotics projects in Community/My Content/Robots. Yes, I too have had problems with text not saving properly.

Thomas (Creator of Simone the A.I. Fembot)


Thanks for the reply Thomas, I'll wait until i progress a little further so i can upload a video also. :)


hey newagetomy

good to see you back .


Hey Nomad long time no see really good to see you again amigo!



is that a kondo robot ?


Hi Nomad...ha i wish amigo. :)

Was just an old toy robot.


Hi everyone, i am currently having trouble trying to assign the servo profiles i need. The software seems different but then it has been a long time since i was doing this, but last time i calibrated all the servos and that was about it.

I never had a back up and i remember last time i had a photo of the robot and all the servos assigned to their positions. I thought i would just do the leg movements leaving the upper body off, i controlled every servo and all were working well, surprised how strong they are.

I have spent quite a bit of time trying to find the right link to what i need, but i just can't seem to find it, if i go to add servos it is grayed out so i know i have missed something.

I was going over forum posts and when i would click on them those pages no longer existed.

In the end i noticed Create Robot Skill, but when i tried that it said i don't have Microsoft Visual Studio installed, do i need that to assign the servos to the robot or is that just to showcase a certain robot skill to everyone?

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Thats a nice looking robot Nomad do you have one of them?

Mine is MUCH cheaper than that Nomad by a hell of a margin. :P


no i dont have one . i have many jd'S xD

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This is mine Nomad about to start a thread for it now that i have a small video.

Photo didn't upload...


lookin forwart to see the video .


how big is the robot ? or tall .

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Around 500mm/50cm i think

Oh the video isn't what your expecting, I removed the upper body and want to program the legs first.

It's very boring video but i had to add a video as a condition of creating the thread. :P

I'm adding pics to the thread now buts its 2am and my eyes are burning...just a few more...:)


wow thats a big robot you got there . now i wanna see the video even more. :p


Its not letting me create the thread, keeps saying i need a video and a profile photo over and over again, after what I've been through tonight this is killing me. :D


did you upload the video on youtube ?


Sure did, i have quite a few pics to upload but it's not happy with something I dont understand whats happening...


i cant see the video on your channel . maybe updates , delete browser hystory .


It must be the browser I'm on it doesn't like Brave by the looks of it, will try again tomorrow with another browser.


It's unlisted Nomad that's why you can't see it you need the link and it's not the video your expecting, it's one leg moving and that's it.


its a good start . walking is very diff .


Do the photos have to be a certain size for my project thread?

I included the youtube video, added pictures with descriptions and it simply wont work.

I've changed to a different browser but i can't start the thread, would my photos be too large?

Can anyone help me please?

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I inserted this Youtube video of yours by coping your Youtube link you posted above. I then clinked on the button that looks like a little black box with the white arrow in it. You will find that button on top of the comment window. Once I clicked on that button I got another window that opens where I will inserted the youtube link. Then I clicked insert. When you do this make sure your curser is in the place you want the link inherited.

User-inserted image

When you want to insert a picture make sure you chose "Upload Image" from the insert image button and follow it's instructions.

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Hi Dave the video works but in the actual robot project thread I'm trying to create...nothing works.

I haven't seen any documentation regarding a certain photo format or photo size.

I resized all the images and it still wouldn't work...:(

The link always appears in the thread as do the photos, but every time i go to publish it fails....many many times I've lost count.

Yep i followed all instructions and have been on many other forums in the past, I've never had so much trouble trying to create a thread.

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Can you try to post the video here and see if it works? If so it's a problem with the site.

I've never had a problem with file size. If linking to a working vid on Youtube using the proper button there should not be any issues like that anyway.

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Only shows the link doesn't embed.

It works on the build thread, but for some reason it resets the default cover image every single time...

I will try on one more browser, if it doesn't work then I'm afraid I won't be able to show irt.

Can i ask for help somewhere else?

I'm really needing help assigning the servo profiles.


Looks like your not using the proper Youtube button located at the top of the conversation window. Are you just posting the link?

User-inserted image


For help you probably only need to start a new topic. Select the question option when starting it. CS usually answers within a day. DJ is usually keeping track also.

Sorry, I've never had to use servo profiles.


Hi Dave..yes of course i was using that exact button for the youtube video.

I was told i needed to start a project thread so happy i don't have to go through that again..

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I will start a new topic thanks for your help Dave.



yes of course i was using that exact button
I meant no disrespect. Just trying to cover all the bases. I sometime miss little things like that myself and need to have another set of eyes help point them out. ;)

I saw your other newly started thread about your robot. I'm really enjoying it. I'm glad you were able to get something posted.

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Hi  Dave only seen this reply now, this site gives no notifications of a reply i stumbled on it. :)

Thanks again, i really needed another set of eyes last night, I'm up this morning and noticed all my frames are gone. I was up till late having a great time doing the movements, now their all missing and i know i saved everything but low and behold they are gone.

Time to start again..very weird.

laptop ran out of storage, crazy how dependant windows is on storage, it's a vacuum for it.

After using Linux for years windows is taking me awhile to wrap my head around again.

Can't believe i lost all my frames. :(



check your account settings for notifications .

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