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Reversing A Servo

Hi all. I want to reverse or invert direction of a servo. Have tried checking and unchecking the 'invert direction' box in servo control. Yes I have assigned the board and port and saved the settings. I am obviously having a senior moment so can someone point me in the right direction? Regards to all.


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90 is centre... so 1 is one direction and 180 is the other... If you select "invert direction" the 1 and 180 positions will be swapped... for instance... Say 1(or any position less than 90) swings the servo left of centre and 180 (or any position greater than 90) swings the servo right of centre. Now by selecting "invert direction" the servo will now swing right with position 1 (instead of left) and now left for position 180 (instead of right)...


Thanks for the information. Will try later as busy today.


@Richard R Hi, apologies for delay,unforeseen family problems. Anyway thanks for your reply. I still cannot reverse the direction of movement of the servo and it has got me completely stumped. Added the servo control,clicked the cog,specified board,port,changed max and min values,checked and unchecked invert box,all to no avail,saved. Help please Richard.


If you feel comfortable with taking the back off the servo you can swap the leads to the motor. The easiest way is with a soldering iron. Just swap the wires soldered to the motor. That way the software glitch you seem to be having can be ignored.


Thanks for that,I believe that you also have to reverse the outer wires on the pot also. I was hoping that the 'invert' check box would work,it's a lot easier,but so far no joy. Thanks for your response.


I haven't had a chance to test yet this week, but Invert has certainly worked for me in the past, so if it isn't working now, it is a bug in the current version.

Note: You need to do it in every control that uses the servo. It is not a global thing like setting the min and max via your init script, so (for example) if you invert in a servo object, it won't be inverted in an auto-position control.



@thetechguru I think you have answered my problem, because I am trying to invert in an auto-position control. Thanks Alan good answer.


For me i finally tested invert servo with a basic horizontal servo control... Sadly it actually did not work properly... However when using something like the camera control it does work correctly for me... So maybe there is a bug in some controls that use invert servo? I haven't tried in with any more controls so i am not sure... @westies this means you are not crazy...