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Revaluation Six Balancing

Can any one tell me if the Revolution Six will balance and walk on only four legs. I want to get one and change the front to sets of servos too arms.

Don't want to get some thing I can't use, I'm 13 and can't afford to waist money.


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No one has one yet, but there are lots of examples of 4 legged robots walking and balancing just fine using basic servos... That being said, 6 legs would make for a smoother gate, but 4 will still work... I am sure Six would be able to do the same... ARC software should even make programing it, that much simpler as well....


Thanks rryerson this will make the choice a lot easier


With only 4 legs, you will want it to walk with one leg at a time to maintain good balance, although you could probably program a faster left front/right rear then switch gait for faster movement at the risk of some stability.

Lso note, the six will have 6 extra easy bit mount points (they don't show in the current videos because they were shot with a prototype) so you could have 6 legs, 2 arms, and 4 more bits.



Six has 12 connections, so yah you can attach arms as well. User-inserted image


I know how you feel @rangatron. It's hard to afford this hobby.(13 also)

United Kingdom

It's hard to afford this hobby at 33!


I can't afford this hobby and I make the stuff! :D


@Technopro , @rangatron When you're 13. all the money you have is what we refer to as disposable income (meaning, you can spend it all on whatever you want)... When you become an adult and have to pay your own bills (like a mortgage, electricity, heat etc)... most of your income will now go to those expenses... Most of us have less money to spend on our hobby now as an adult then we did back when we were your age... Spend while you have it, is my advice...


Thanks all for the reply will help lots and I will be making my purchase some thine in the near future :D


Well - here it is.

After only a few hours, and no previous experience with robotics - here is @rangatron's Six, going breaking his first moves.

Down to 5 limbs (thanks to some uninvited magic smoke) he's doing okay - and we have replacements on order!


Now that's a nice combo of moves. Great job !


great job! keep going... lol



That's Awesome, Thanks for the video @rangatron and @cathie!


Wow! It's so cute...:D I like the wiggle!


I like the wiggle too. It reminds me of what my dog does when she's begging for a treat.


The wiggle video made scorpion robots cute like a puppy lol. I show coworkers these vids and they want to "buy their kid one"