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Request Option 4 Previous Versions Of Ezbuilder

I would like an option to load previous versions of EZB if new requires an update to my projects code, especially if I am going to demonstrate my robot. It would be great to have a project EZ buidler for that timeframe!
Can you help?.
Thank You
Steve S


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Are you having a problem getting something to work from one version to another?
I try to save most of my older versions.....and I know Rich has kept a lot of older versions in his "Dropbox". Like Josh I need you to rephase your request:)
Which version are you looking for?
United Kingdom
EZ=Builder is still in Beta, if you have a project that works in a specific version of ARC and a new release has big changes such as the recent syntax change then don't update ARC. You need to decide if the new features are worth making the updates to your project.