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Request For Multiple Rows, Vr Commands Under Speech Recognition Choices?

I have a request for more than standard VR one row commands under speech recognition. (Cheat sheet) Several projects have more entries then the one row down. It is a great feature to list your available VR choices and exact wording while demonstrating your EZ Robot. Thanks, Steve S;)


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I use the text object (sorry, forget its real name and answering from my phone, notepad maybe?) for stuff I want to remember like available voice commands and keyboard commands.



Thank you for responding Alan, There is an option for Scripting - Script Flow? Is that what you are referring to? I like the existing VR Cheat Sheet that I use, it would great to have it display more than one row. Thanks, Steve S


No, that's not it. It is just a free form notepad. I'll be logged onto my computer tonight and I'll update with the actual object name.


I think I may have been answering the wrong question. Can you post a screenshot of what you are seeing and describe what you want changed?

I thought you were just looking to display what your possible recognized phrases were, which you could do with the "Notepad" object, on the General tab (not automatically created, but would fit the need I thought you were describing), but now I think you may be looking for something else.



Thanks Alan, The notepad would work, but maybe there is a way to display the phrase list in double rows or columns that I am not aware of? It shows my first 30 items of my phrase list of VR commands.
It is a great feature having the quick pop up cheat sheet. What I am asking, is there a way to show more than the first 30? Thank you

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Correct me if I'm wrong anyone, but isn't the maximum amount of speech commands you can add to voice recognition limited to 30? That's all I'm able to add in the speech rec control in my projects.


Thanks for responding Steve G, I have 41speech commands in Captain Ann Droid's program file, and they operate well. Do you mean that is all that show in the phrase list? Maybe I just have too many?


There is no limit to speech commands. I'll make the window popup grow with the list


Thank You D.J. That is awesome!;)

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Interesting to hear there's no limit to how many commands that can be added. So why is it I can only add about 30 and no more? I create a new row (anything over 30), add a new voice command, edit the script, save it, and the new row disappears. confused


Disregard what is written above. I un/reinstalled ARC and now I'm able to save many more speech commands now.

Thanks DJ, for the correction and confirming that there's no limits on commands that can be added, and sorry Steve, didn't mean to confuse the issue. It was just coincidence that you mentioned 30, and that 30 was all I could add.