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Request For Auto File Save Feature

Ez Builder seems to lock up on me sometimes (Not responding issues)... Today I made a lot of program changes to my R2 D2 project which I lost because of EZ- Builder stopped working... Over an hours work gone... The lock up seems to happen around using the "phrases show and phrases hide" panel for some reason... Anyway an auto file save feature would be really awesome...

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I agree, im sure we all would want to put up with 5 seconds of not being able to work while it saves rather than redoing hours of work.


Kinda like gaming on a PC....better back up frequently otherwise you could loose an hours worth of winning battles , only to start all over again!:(


Yes, I am doing that now... However an auto save feature still would be welcome...;)

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I got in to the habit of hitting the save button after I did anything but then I always have since other things I use don't autosave and I have been known to have lost over 8 hours of work before now due to a power failure.