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United Kingdom
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Reproduction Tomy Omnibot Jr/Omnibot/Omnibot 2000 Robot Tire Sets For Sale

For those who may not have read my Omni2k wheels thread, I am now offering reproduction tires for sale for the Omnibot Jr, Omnibot and Omnibot 2000 robots. Tires are sold in sets, available in a variety of colours and are available worldwide.

Please checkout my ebay listing for details.

Reproduction Tomy Omnibot Jr/Omnibot/Omnibot 2000 robot tire sets


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United Kingdom
Congratualtions Matt
Hello Matt,

I hope that all is going well for you and your new wife. I am still having trouble locating a set of wheels for my Robie Jr. unit. I was wondering if you have picked up making replacements again? If so, I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to get ahold of a set.

Hi Matt,

what did you use for your grey treads?

I have the silicone molds done (left the idea of silicone for the treads since my first molds were destroyed by the silicone for the treads - silicone on silicone got just stuck together).

I had the chance to get the exact same material you used for your treads - just waiting for it to arrive here and I will start out making black treads for Omni 2k and Omni Jr.! Cant wait!

Any luck with the reproduction of the gears?

Check out this site on gear production:


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United Kingdom
Hey @won4all. I'm currently making some tires for other folk as we speak and I have a spare set of Robbie Jr tires if you are still looking?

@mike looks like you are making some good progress. I found the same when I tried silicone, but this polyurethen rubber works perfect. The only thing I'm still struggling with is finding the perfect blue. I really want one like Josh's tires, but everything I try either comes out too translucent or almost black.

I've not really got anywhere with gear reproduction yet, things have slowed down quite a bit (My wife has started working with me so all the robots have been relegated from the office:)

Hey Matt,

Thank you so much, I am absolutely still interested!
I just use blue RTV Silicone to get the pretty blue in my previous pics.
United Kingdom
If anyone is interested, I have a few sets made up for sale:

User-inserted image

1 x Set of Grey Omnibot 2000 tires @ £30 per set
2 x Set of Grey Omnibot tires @ £20 per set
2 x Set of Blue Omnibot tires @ £20 per set
5 x Set of Grey Omnibot Jnr tires @ £10 per set

Prices exclude postage. Drop me an email at me@mattbrailsford.com if you are interested.

Proceeds will be going towards a new angle grinder:)

Many thanks

I'm surprised there isn't a piggy bank set for a new 3d printer yet;)
United Kingdom
Ha ha, where is the fun in having a machine make everything for you. I'd rather know how to make things myself. I'm hoping to make a life sized wall-e at some point, so need to get my welding / metal work skills up to par:)
Is it too much to ask for it all?:)
United Kingdom
Updated the list as a couple of sets have gone. The rest are still available if anyone wants a set:)
@mattbrailsford are you still producing the tires?
User-inserted image
Hello All,

I need tire treads for my Omnibot 2000 as well. Seems this thread is old and not a lot of resources of places to get these. Plus I need new rubber pieces on the talons/claws on my Omnibot 2000. Any ideas out there? Thanks much!
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Hi @ryanm

If you have access to a 3D printer (and designer) you could use flexible filament and reproduce the wheels and gripping surfaces. Otherwise common waterproofing (rubber) tape + glue could be another possible solution.
maybe you can use the treads of a roli for making tires or make tank treads.
Thank you for the input Jeremie & Nomad...I have been checking out eBay and I definitely will keep looking around for solutions. I think a parted out Omnibot will be my easier option.