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Replacing Servo On Leg

I am replacing the servo in JDs robot foot. The spare servo we received has a different top black part than the original servo. Am I supposed to remove this front panel of the replacement servo or is there a different servo I should be using for this foot? See photos for the replacement servo (on foot) and original servo (on paper).
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You mean the back panel? The brass servo horn is the front of the servo... The servos are the same... Just remove the 4 screws and the white bracket from the back of the old servo.... Remove the 4 screws from the back of the new servo (remove the back black piece as you no longer need it) and now attach the white bracket to the new servo... Then re-install the new servo in the foot... Hope this makes sense...:)
Perhaps you mean the tab on the top of the servo? The replacement servos we send are universal, meaning they will be used for any replacement application. The tabs are only used on certain application. For the ankle application, remove the tab. This can be done by cutting the tab with a pair of side cutter pliers.

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You are correct, I am referring to the tabs on top of the servo. I guess I need to find out what "side cutter pliers" are.
You could try a junior hacksaw.
These are side cutter pliers. You will find them in any toolbox kit.
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Ah ha. It just seems odd to me that I would need to take tools the cut up the robot parts. I would think, given the cost of the kits, we wouldn't need to do this.