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Repeating Part Of What You Said?

Is it possible to have the EZB4 to repeat part of what you say. IE: If I say to the robot, "Say hello to Tom", the robot will say hello Tom. But not because Tom was hard coded. But because it poled it from the string I spoke. More like the "say Hello to" phrase triggered the last word spoken by the human to be remembered by the robot and then shoved in to a variable. ? Hope this makes some sort of senses. confused


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I have done this with Pandorabots. You can create a all kinds of responses with variables. Its free to play in their "sandbox" and there is a control in ARC for them. Here is the link to the tutorial at ez robot


That would require a natural language processor. There isn't an npl in ARC. There are other options that could be incorporated with ARC that can do this but it would take some development effort.

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@Slee The Sloth.

Just to add to what @Steve S has mentioned. Pandorabots is a great option for what you're asking. I use Pandorabots heavily in my K-9 project for all of the dynamic speech synthesis conversations, and tie in his pandora responses with Cheat Sheet commands to control sensors, media files, servos ect, all from within ARC with great success. It might be kind of the thing you're looking for as you can create simple AIML files to do exactly what you're asking.

You can customise the pandorabot with different and new responses, and there is quite a bit of documentation online discribing how to use certain functions, such as using the <Name> tag for variable response for different user names, and using <That> tags to keep conversations on topic.

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Just to add to my previous response, if you did think about using Pandorabots with ARC, I posted a couple of short AIML examples of what you were asking...

#AIML example.

#&lt;Pattern&gt; is what you say.
#&lt;Template&gt; is the robots response.

&lt;Pattern&gt;ROBOT SAY HELLO TO TOM&lt;/Pattern&gt;
&lt;Template&gt;Hi Tom.&lt;/Template&gt;

#Or another way is using the * and &lt;star/&gt; wildcard tags...

&lt;Pattern&gt;ROBOT SAY HELLO TO *&lt;/Pattern&gt;
&lt;Template&gt;Hi &lt;star/&gt;.&lt;/Template&gt;

What ever name you say, the robot will  use and remember that same name in it's response. 

This obviously is a hard coded way of doing it, but it works really well, with the second example acting more like a variable. Here's some more information that explains it in more detail that you may find useful.

Hope that helps.:)


Thank you Steve G . I will be looking into Pandorabots.:)