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Remotely Turning On Ez-B

I am curious if there is anyway to use some sort of remotely controlled power switch such as IR, so i can turn on my EZ-B by remote. Since my robot will be in an enclosed box i need some way of turning it on without breaking the clear box every time and not leaving it on to kill the batteries.

Are there any ways of doing this? I don't have any experience with this sort of thing but would like to know if it can be done.



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United Kingdom
As far as I am aware, any kind of remotely controlled switch would need a power source connected to it for it to function.

I will be looking to make a circuit for a simple push to make switch which will latch on the power circuit, similar to that of a PC however so far it's never quite got to the top of my list.

If you can't fit a switch to the robot how do you plan to charge the robot or change it's batteries?
i can fit a switch i just can't have it stick out of the sides of the box, as for it no longer would be air tight. Think about it this way, you want a waterpoof robot, adding a switch would let water through and wreck everything, the same is with the gas that it goes into. It doesn't wreck it, but the robot can explode the gas from the electrical current passing through, as well as sparks. If it is remotely turned on then it doesn't have any holes to let anything through.

As for charging if you seen the dagu micro-controller the pins that the motors attach with, i am using those to connect my robot to charge. There will be 2 connectors each with 3 pins (6 total) then a cover that i will make will protect the pins, although i am more worried about sparks over current, a few experiments to see how safe electrical current near the battery will need to be done. The pins then connect to an external battery charger, or even the laptop plug itself and charges. I already know that the pins are air tight because the plastic piece covers the little holes required to put the wire through.
Are you aware of where i could buy some more of that type of connection ports?

So where my question stands is how i can put a remote switch in-between the power connection of my EZ-B and H-Bridge and the laptops power source, containing 12 volts.
What if you connected to the wall so it can charge while no one home. If needed send a remote signal to turn it on. Is this possible?

not trying to jack the thread just throwing ideas.
Do an ebay search using this choice "remote control dc power switch" You will get about 26 matches, one of which should be just what you want.
@Robot-Doc your idea solves issues with the occasional bluetooth lock up and subsequent power cycle requirement!:)
So it would appear that the remote control dc switch offers several solutions for different applications.
Has everyone forgotten the iPhone operated device that clips on over the battery and gives you the ability to turn the battery on or off?!? What was it called again?
thank you robot-doc, went on amazon and searched the same thing as you said and found a whole bunch (use amazon b/c shipping is usually free, takes only 1-4 day shipping, and is Canadian). Now i can't make up my mind which one to use, I just want a single channel with a simple on/off with an antenna. Found so many with more than what i need, will take some time choosing which one but I am so happy that this can be done.

oh and PJ:
The external charger does allow to plug into a wall, but they cost $80.00 for a charger.
external charger
thanks for the help i am going to close the thread because i am tired of getting emails everyday