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Reliable Regulators That Are Affordable-Where?

I have been using the BUCK regulators. They have been a little flakey. What regulators have each of you used with success on the larger arms like the Lexi? I checked the Buck Regulators and they are rated at 2A. I was running the 12.6v-13v to ONE regulator and to the H-Bridge, then to the ServoPowerBoard, then to the Servo. i am also powering the two EZBs from the 7.2v Regulator. Now, am I understanding right? this ALL has to be done One Regulator for ONE servo? This is going to be a Mess.


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Not sure why this requires assistance when it sounds more like a general discussion about regulators but never mind that:)

Personally I use Etronix Li-Po Regulator 5A 6V regulators since 6V is all I've needed so far. While they aren't adjustable they work 100% perfectly.
This means that the servo Power Board is Useless?

I don't really understand. I have HD3315 and HD3906 servos. I looked at the specs and can not find how much current they draw. So, I don't know how many will fit on a regulator. sorry to be so dense.:(
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What servo power board?

I'm unable to find anything when I look for HD3906 and HD3315, what make are the servos? The current draw will be on the datasheet.
ServoPowerBoard is a Pro version of the one you drew for a single servo. It has power going in straight from the Battery and then Eight pins in with cables going out to eight servos. You have seen it before on this forum.

Here is a link to the servo:


Here is a Link to the servo power board.

servo power board
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I've seen a few different servo power boards, including one which I've been designing myself so wasn't sure which you meant.

Why would they be useless? Provided you can supply the board with the desired voltage and it has the desired current it is far from useless. If you are unable to find a regulator which can provide enough current then you can parallel more than one together to increase the current supplied to the board.
I originally was running 12v which was power to a Buck 12v reg. The motor and Hbridge went to the regulated 12v line.I also had two 7.2v reg. with each EZB going to it's separate 7.2 volt line. There was a comment that I did not need all of this,only needed the one 7.2v reg to the two EZBs. I am running 3 X 12v 9HR batteries hooked in PAR so I can charge them together. I have since blew up my LM2930T regulator on the EZB. so, I cannot test things right now.
Josh, that did not make ANY sense. I am looking for a person who has had LUCK with the regulators and can recomend them. It is my fault, I did not explain it good. I am trying to figure out if I have to junk the servo power board which I was running my arms off of. Will I have to by all new or different regulators. I understand that I can run ONLY 4 servos on the Buck regulator, so will I have to put more regulators in place? Will a 7805 work if I put them in PAR? That sort of questions. forgive me if I am not clear on this,my head is real foggy right now.
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The EZ-B runs on anything from 5v to around 17v, why were you running regulators on a 12v supply for them?

Also, why are you charging three batteries at the same time in parallel? Three batteries should be charged on three chargers to avoid any complications if one (or more) fail to charge, charge slower etc.

I have noticed you seem to over complicate things, rush in and end up having problems or not fully understanding. Slow down a little and learn the theory before rushing in, I guarantee you will find it all so much clearer and easier that way.

If you look at this old schematic of Melvin (since been changed a lot) you will see that the regulated supply doesn't go to the EZ-Bs at all since the batteries voltage is perfectly fine for the EZ-B.

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Thank You Rich. I do have that problem.