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Red Light On Camera.

Just now I connect the wireless camera to EZ-B and there was a red light along with the normal blue light on the camera... It immediately got heated up... I disconnect the battery pack from EZ-B immediately... What might be wrong?

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Red light means it is charging. Have you removed the battery from the camera? If not I'd suggest doing so.

Also, if it's getting hot check for shorts between vcc and ground.


okay... I don't have a battery for the camera.. We power it through EZ-B...

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Check for shorts in that case.


Externally when I check the wiring.. There is no short... But when I'm checking it with a multimeter... I found there is a short... What might be the reason?


I checked the circuit and resoldered it again.. But there is no short externally.. But the multimeter shows a short... stress


Some one please help me out... I should exhibit my robot tomorrow... stress stress stress

There is a short between all the three Vcc GND and Signal...:(:(:(


pic of your wiring?

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Without seeing pictures of both sides of the camera board we can't really advise on what it is likely to be.

To confirm (as I just double checked) there should be an open circuit between all 3 pins of the cable going to the EZ-B.


Check your connections and see if they are similar to these images:

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

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@Robot-Doc I'm glad you did that as I just tried but my phone is useless...

User-inserted image

User-inserted image


@Robot-Doc , @Rich , the following component in my camera broke... I observed it just now... Is there any way I can replace it or is it a good bye to my camera?

User-inserted image


There are only two leads on that device, with the proper soldering iron and tip (and possibly a magnifier lens) that should be repairable.


I would like to know what are leads? I mean can I buy them? Do we have any rating for that? Coz there is not even little gap for it to be soldered..


Look around for some resistors or capacitors with leads on the ends, possibly in your parts drawer. Most are 24 to 26 gauge wire. You just want to splice a short piece that you cut off and solder.

Also a picture would help us see what damage you are actually dealing with.


Yeah here are the images... If you need much clear ones I'll click them... User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image


That appears to have a designation of Y1 and it has two leads so it is probably a crystal. Problem is on my camera I don't see any printing on the metal can so I don't know the frequency.


So can I just attach a normal piece of Lead as you mentioned earlier? Or Should I buy any crystal?


If you can construct an electrical connection from the metal can connections to the PCB then that would be best. Just replacing the crystal without knowing the proper frequency should not be done.


I'm sorry... I didn't understand...


The crystal in your camera has two leads that go from the crystal to the two points on the PCB. You need to re-establish an electrical connection from the two points on the crystal to the two connections on the PCB. It may be possible to do this by splicing wire between the broken points.

Crystals are made using different frequencies depending on their application. Therefore just installing another crystal without knowing the correct frequency will not work.

It may be best for you to obtain another camera. Then you'll have spare parts for future use.


Yeah.. Then I'll try to go for a new camera... I'll have to say a good bye to EZ-Wireless Camera...:( tired:(