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Re: Recent Brewster Robot

Loved it and the video!... It got me thinking of my own Roomba Create project and now I am really inspired. The Roomba platform is great as it has built in low level programming for motor control, sensors, encoders etc (so I am hoping EZB4 will be able to read serial data, not just send it)...So now I am thinking about something DJ mentioned a while back for a camera based indoor navigation system... Maybe DJ can elaborate on his idea more, because it would be awesome to have a Brewster type robot to accomplish tasks in a dynamic environment rather than just a static one... To have the robot navigate around obstacles and still accomplish it's task is something I would like to create... Anyway, just random early morning thoughts...



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Did you see the article about Roomba beer buddy in servo magazine March 2014 issue page 9..Talking about Rob McCallum...
Yea. He posted that yesterday. An achievement to be proud of.