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Rc Rover Escs

i have an old toy rover laying around at home and i have 4 esc's for brushed motors my rover has 4 motors too as you can imagine, my question is can i control my brushed motor esc's with ez-b by the way i will connect esc's to the power sepparetly i just need to know can i control my esc's with ez-b if i can how ? a quick response would be nice;)

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If you can, but those 4 esc be reversed? And how many amps are the esc? If you post a better photo.


Mostly likely r2d2 they are reversible ESC for rc cars work both ways. If its for a plane or boat then they only go one way. Test it with one motor to confirm. To answer you question in short ,,, YES! You can run them from ARC. The Movement Panel uses only a right and left control input so you will need to parallel the two right controllers to one ditigal output on ezb and parallel both left side controllers to the left side control. Esc and rec servos are set to receive signal only so that's why parallel connections work in this case. Honestly though if one ESC you have is rated to handle 10 amps or more I would just use one ESC per side but that depends on your motors specs and ESC specs.


@ Metealp97, I checked the link to the esc and "no turning back", these are for airplanes, you have to look esc for brushless motor cars. @ jstarne1, I have a boat and reverse rc is used to stop and docking operations, also I have airplanes, a helicopter, and I've been a season of racing cars, electric motor and glow.


Look at the link, these would be appropriate and cheap, do not worry about the specifications of 200 amps, the Chinese are a bit exaggerated.



what is the differnce i will use 1 on one 1 on other it wont go back i realize that but i can steer its way back i just need instructions on connecting and running them on ez-b


The connection is easy, the cables are marked esc to the motor and the cables to the battery (12V maximum), then the servo connector connects to a digital port ez-b, repeat with the other esc. In ARC open a modified servo motion panel, configure the two digital ports (d1, d2, for example) and you are ready. I recommend cutting the red wire servo connector, this provides 5v for when rc receiver needs to be powered by the ESC, in this case, ez-b has its own supply and does not need the red wire.


thank you reason i am doing this my way is their shop is so close to my home i can just go and grab it and some rc proffesional rc cars doesnt even has reverse option they have only 2ch's one is for steering other is for motor thank you very much r2d2 it was really helpful


Helping is a pleasure to have a HobbyKing delagacion near your home? what luck! It would be like a second home to me. :)


one last thing as i said above i will connect esc's power separetly my main power will be a 3s li-po battery there will be 6 ends coming off the li-po (3red,3black) i will connect 2 to my esc's 1 to ez-b is this power supply system okay?


actually they have a warehouse near me same thing you told me to cut off red wire that connects to ez-b but i am sort of scared that it might not work what happens if i connect it without cutting it


I'm not sure what you mean, if you explain what is what appears in the picture the answer is YES

User-inserted image


that was what i meant and and what happens if i odnt cut off red wire you talked about thanks for the diagram by the way