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Raspberry Pi Or Arduino

I am building a humanoid robot and was wondering which is better to use?  I am starting on the head from a book that I received on the Mark 1 robot project.  I am then going to research and build humanoid or at least close to humanoid legs.  Do anyone have any projects I can research and learn about biped robots.  The Mark 1 can not walk yet from what I understand.  I believe if I make the feet and lower legs heavier it might help.

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Arduino is a controller, which moves servos. It doesn't have a brain powerful enough to do much else. 

Raspberry Pi can either be a controller -or- run EZ-Builder Software -or- both

The EZ-Builder software is what gives a controller the ability to be "smart". And do things such as vision recognition and gaits (i.e. walking), etc.. It connects to a controller. EZ-Builder runs on a more capable processor to make a controller do robot-like things. 

Decide on the controller based on your peripheral needs. Look at the Getting Started guide on this website to select a controller that supports the features you want. (i.e. number of servos, audio, camera, etc).
I am building a humanoid robot and what is the very best card to use that I can put EZ Robot software on?  I am taking parts from different projects wish most or all use Arduino but is Raspberry Pi better?  I am going to try to buy the most advance of the best item for my project.
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Why do you call computers cards? Your choice of computers to run ez builder are a windows PC (the best), Raspberry Pi (limited ez builder functions), or using the mobile app on an andriod or IOS device... Also with limited functions... Arduino obviously cannot be used to run any version of ez builder...