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Eventually. Element14 has us on the back burner, so I'm not very interested in giving more time towards it at the moment. I've asked them more than enough times for one.

There is a open source ez robot project starting on google code. It's called ez-openbot. It already works on the pi. The code will be available shortly.

New Zealand

Not sure if the addage"No news is good news" fits here... Anyone know anything about Raspberrying and EZ-Botting? Or will that become EZ-asPi?


This is our current support for the Pi:)


sorry to relive a old thread, but on same avenue as my question, couldn't find a faq on the open pi wiki, hope you may know answers.

  1. could you program in your program then just use open bot to run?
  2. if yes to 1, does it run just sdk profiles, or builder profiles as well?
  3. does it work on any arm based machine that runs linux? since there are now machines smaller and more powerful.
  4. this more towards your product, if i was reading directions right, you can right profile on builder or sdk, then using cloud run on a android device? if this is correct the machines smaller than pi can run linux or android 4.x.x.

having a smaller machine on robot will allow mic on bot and also allow bot roam beyond bt range of desktop.


Maybe these people would be more receptive?


has the compatibility with Raspberry pi (3) been axed?


Really what I am asking is, can ARC be ported onto the Pi 3?


The question is

Can ARC be ported to Linux. Raspberry pi is a low power hardware computer, and it runs Linux or windows IoT.

The answer is no. It would require an entire rewrite of over a million lines of code.


Gotcha, thanks for the clarification