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Raspberry Pi 4, Or Lattepanda Enbeded On My Inmoov

I want to install a mini PC and 7inch touch screen on my InMoov, and can't decide either buying the new Raspberry Pi 4 or the LattePanda PC.

The positives of using the Pi-4, are the power on/off functionality is easier to control rather than the LattePanda with has similar power off function to a laptop or standard PC, meaning I would have to switch this of separately when powering down??  Also the price is a lot cheaper for the Pi 4 4Gb verses the LattePanda 4Gb.

My main question is if I go for the Raspberry Pi, do I use ARC running under Windows or EZ-Builder-Pi under Raspbian ( version of Linux )??

Although I'm very familiar using MS windows and I used Linux going back many yrs ago, I'm a complete novice using a Raspberry Pi and Raspbian OS.

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Sounds interesting I may try Bios update , as it opens up interesting possibilities for the robot.
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I am still away from home, but check out my questions in my posts lists.  Auto Shut Down of Ezb and Computer, dated Aug 17 and Auto Boot and Connect to Ezb from December 17. All the information is there. If you need more I will get the old program when I return home.
Thanks for reminding me about this. I need it for Olivia. I have a new Latta Panda Alpha and will need an auto restart an shut down for her
United Kingdom
Thanks Andy, I’ll look at your postings!

Will, great about being able to change auto boot options in the Bios. Haven’t yet ordered the Panda, still debating to get the 2gb or 4gb as I’m only going to use it on my InMoov with EZ-Builder.
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I have run my Antonn on the  original Latte Panda and all worked well. I just used the Panda as I would my desktop computer. Work and summer has stopped all my work on my robot projects, but I bought a Latte Panda Alpha and plan on using it to run my next project Olivia. I had hoped Dj would have developed the navigation system using Lidar. My plan was to use a Raspberry Pi for the Lidar and the Panda as the  central processor and ezb v/4 and Tinys to do the rest. My winter project is going to be fun. I will be watching you and fxrtst for more cool ideas. By the way bigger is better 4gb
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Got my new 10 inch touch screen and have it all up and running. Works good. This is the original Panda at 4gb and 64 gb drive. I hope it will run everything smoothly, or I'll wish I had spent some extra money on the Alpha. I will most likely use it to connect it to the ezb. Then use the Ardurino to power some LEDs sequences or???

EDIT: Looks like the onboard Leonardo is used as uart passthrough...so i will be using it for that instead.

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hello i have just read through turning on / off the automatic computer, do I have this project for turning off the timer, hoping to help you