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Raspberry Pi 2

Anyone else seen the new Raspberry Pi 2 yet?

It boasts a 900MHz quad-core ARM Cortex-A7 CPU (~6x performance) and 1GB LPDDR2 SDRAM (2x memory).

"Because it has an ARMv7 processor, it can run the full range of ARM GNU/Linux distributions, including Snappy Ubuntu Core, as well as Microsoft Windows 10."

This may mean that full blown ARC Windows may run on the credit card sized Pi which can easily be embedded in a robot. As good as the mobile version is and may become there can be no substitute for the desktop in many cases.

The specs are below the minimum stated for ARC on the site but it may just about work, I know I've run ARC (albeit an older version) on a lesser spec machine before so it could work out well.

If not, at least it's an improved spec for any SDK applications (and whatever else you use the Pi for).

If I get around to getting one I'll give ARC (and Windows 10) a try.


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I have a feeling it will be the same as Windows RT:(


My first thought on seeing it was "what are the limitations going to be" on the "special" version of Windows 10.

It is funny, I was actually planning on buying a Rasberry Pi kit this weekend to replace an aging web server with something that uses less power. Now I guess I'll wait a few weeks for the new one to really be available as part of starter kits.



@Rich : You can actually get for 100$ a full windows 8.1 in a 8" tablet with a z3576 quad core processor to put in your robots;) (Ok depends of the size of the robot)

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$100 vs $35. My logic was cost based and sized based and also to invoke discussion on the Pi and it's possible uses with ARC (if any).


I think the pi 2 will be a go to dev board, but for ARC applications, you have to add a screen, and speakers which add to the price.

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You don't need to add those. You can add those. You need to have a screen but you can set it all up outside of the robot on any screen you have lying around then transfer it to the robot. Or use team viewer etc. to remotely access it.


I just ordered one for giggles, always wanted one but fail to found a suitable applications for it. Once I receive my PI 2 and EZ-B V4 will share it with the community about my experiences. Doubt it will have enough horsepower for video processing, but seem promising as cheap on the go test platform, specially with the low power consumption and someone wanting to use the SDK like me. I am not to sure about windows 10, testing it right now and need at least 4gb to run smoothly.


Sorry, I understand, but I think even if the win10 for Raspberry is not a win RT version, It's not sure that Raspberry pi 2 have enough power to run ARC, furthermore with 1go of ram.

ARC run on my Asus T100 (my main pc actually) with the same hardware than those cheapest tablet, but it's the minimum for me.

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Suitable application is a no brainer dude, throw Kodi on it (was XBMC) and you have the best media centre ever made (I'm something of a fanboy though since I've always used XBMC since it's XBMP days).

The original Pi surprised me with the power it has, I wouldn't rule out video processing to be honest but the proof is in the pudding.

I'll probably be ordering one soon but have more important things to waste my money on:)


I know, but you cannot compare a openelec optimized for rasberry with an win10/ARC.

Shure, for 35$ It would be a good news if not, and I hope I'm wrong ;)


From an article I read about it:

"This is Windows 10 intended for IoT applications and the intention here is to have a device which you can use to build IoT devices," he said.

"The intention is you can take a Windows 10 application that you can run on Surface, PC, a Windows phone and now Raspberry Pi as well."


For $35 I'm game.