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Resolved Resolved by DJ Sures!

Radar Control Reverse


Would it be possible to get an addition to the radar control so we can specify how long the robot should back up before turning.



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okay! added to the list
Have you tried to do this with a script? That sounds like a "straight forward" processes.

(hahahaha I made a funny, I said "straight forward" when you want to back up....hahaha. I'm ready for Last Comic Standing)

Add it when you have time. I am sure it's a long list and there other ways to do it in the meantime.


A few minutes ago my bot thought forwards was backwards and then decided to go nuts and turn in circles.:)
Doesn't the Ping Radar and the IR radar control have that feature already? The "Turn Delay (ms)" setting in the Radar control config....? Set it to say 1000 instead.... Bottom right corner in the settings dialog....
The Turn Delay will set the delay for both Reverse and Turning. The OP is asking for a separate value for further fine tuning - being able to set the backup delay and turn delay separately.
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It would be great if you could apply the strategy of @DJ's idea but replace that with a Quad-copter, make the drone scan the area before changing location.