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Rad 1.0 Or Rad 2.0 Better Platform?

Hi looking for possible motorized bases , anyone know which bot is stronger as far as motors? Or shouldni just use like 4 servors to power my bot. Fyi my bot will weight about 12 pounds or so with batteries. Its for a vacuum bot project. Thankyou


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I am working on a RAD 2.0 project. From my research the RAD 1.0 vs 2.0 bases looked pretty much the same. I went with the RAD 2.0 simply because it was newer. I am driving my base motors with a 2A H bridge with no problems. Servos will work but it won't be very fast. Looking at your question about moving 12 lbs around. No problem with the RAD base but if you were to start vacuum over carpet and get some drag going you will start working those motors out pretty hard. I don't think they were designed for that so they may work for a while but after while I think you would burn them out. Here is the link to my project. I hope to have some more stuff posted very soon. Hope this helps....your project sounds really cool and I hope you post it here!

My RAD project


Reasonably is there room to "double up" on motors? I noticed the motors are on the rear wheels. Would it be resonable easy to put two additional of the same motors on the front cogs too? I may look into a option of using a high torque motor without a gearbox to reduce noise. I was on ebay and a guy was gonna sell me just a rad base for 90 bucks but i see the whole bots going cheaper. I will def post progress of bots. Sharing and getting help is informative and fun.
It wont be that on the last day of auction for sure!
I am working on my RAD 1.0 It is almost exactly the same base as what I have seen in kkeast's project. I didn't go for the motor controller, I replaced mine with servo's. I probably should have done some with a little more power, they go kinda slow with my current configuration.