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Question With Servo Gripper

Hey Guys,

Got a new battery and seem to have JD coming to life - so thanks!

Quick problem. The right servo Gripper should connect to port D9. Take a look at the attached photo - no way the cable can reach there. D9 is on the left side of the photo. Even if I try to connect to the jacks on the right side - will not work when arm is extended. Both right and left gripper have same length wire.

Can't figure out what I am missing - but do not see anyway to connect the cable for the right Gripper - the wire is too short?

Thanks, Dan

User-inserted image


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an extention cable should have come with your JD ..

use it to extend the claws wires User-inserted image


There should be extension cables included in your kit...


Luis V and Richard R - thanks! Yep, cables were hiding in the box.


Remember to complete all prereuisites of the jd project. I noticed you haven't completed some of them, yet your jd is assembled.

The website notifies you when starting a lesson about incomplete prerequisites. In red warning message, it informs you that it's neccessary steps.

Do you have a suggestion of how to have more ppl complete tutorial lessons? What was the reasoning for you to overlook some of the lessons? Are they not clear?

Thanks for your feedback!


@DJ Sures I think alot of people skip instructions.