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Question For Power Supply Requirement

Hey guys, I am looking into how to build a bigger servo actuator at the moment... Its nothing like a full blown project at the moment, I am just trying out different methods to drive a bigger sized robot arm!

So one thing I am looking into is using a DC Motor and encoder to get the thing done! So I found out that finding the right Power Supply is not that easy...

So the motor that I want to use is a the following Tarot 4008 MT 330kv TL2955 Brushless Multicopter Motor 6S 85g TL2955, it can be driven by 6 Lipo batteries, but I would rather use a Power Supply... Any recommendations?:)

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User-inserted image

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I've been using this 24v PSU for testing and also recently added it to my robot bartender:

Mean well

Its only 14 amps, but you prolly can find bigger ones from them. This is only $32 USD

Here is a 40 amp PSU:


Thanks...they are quiet power hungry when working under load, it is super difficult to estimate how much current will be drawn.  I guess testing is the only true option?

I guess I will just have to make sure, it supplys lots of Amps and has constant current limiting, to even get the motors started!!

Hope I will not waste money on an insufficient psup!!


I know. I'm looking at some of those numbers at 100% throttle...quite high for a single motor. But I wonder if those are with the rotor on them...that would create drag at full speed. But if you are using for a robot arm static or low motion might be lower. You'll have to test under different load conditions to see.


Once you have your motor set up and connected to your PSU, check with a multimeter and see what amps are being pulled under different load situations on your motor.

To check amps using multimeter:

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Yes, thats probably the only way to get to know how much they will draw...:D


Just got me that 40A from China...what a beast!!:D

Did you ever work with brushless motors? Because the delivery will take so long I was thinking I could do a test run with another psup.. But that one got only 15V, do you think I can do some testing or will it terribly fail to power the motor?

And did you ever do some testing with an Odrive?


Those motors are super powerful and can draw a crazy high current when under load!! Lets see if I can get them working for a robotic application...

I will keep my progress posted!!:)

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Wow yeah that’s crazy. Explains why drones batteries get exhausted so quickly. The only brushless motors I’ve played with are the hoverboard wheels. Now mind you they don’t spin that fast! Lol. But they do use a 36 or 48 volt battery and I’m not sure what amps they supply. Enough to move a person 200 pounds a couple miles!

Let us know how your testing goes. Again the thing I like is the ability to have compliant joints..something you don’t get with a gear motor.