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Question About Wireless Range.

If ones bot should happen to move beyond the range of the wifi/bluetooth connection will the bot stop and/or cease to function. Or would you have to write a script to check the connection and if no connection, stop.?. I do realize you'd loose control via ezbuilder but does it get its scripts via the connection or are they uploaded to the ezb?

Thanks in advance.

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United Kingdom
If it goes out of range it will disconnect and stop. Nothing is uploaded to the EZ-B.
How far are you trying to go? The ezb Bluetooth holds a connection up to 35 ft
how can I save the commands to EZ-B without having a pc as a Host. Perhaps an Arduino shield or use an arduino itself?
United Kingdom
You can't. The EZ-B needs a PC in order to work.
Your robot must have a onboard windows computer if you want it to operate completely independent of an outside controller.

Just curious, what part of U.S. do you live in? Ohio?
Not sure how far really. It was more of a Theory question. I've yet to get my ezb hardware but I'm doing as much research as I can until I can get some hardware. I've DL's ARC and poked through it a couple times, just trying to get familiar with the commands, controls, and scripts. Thanks for your info though. It's good to know.

@Herr Ball
Yes, I'm in Ohio. ;-) And you?

I live in Green, a little town between Akron and Canton.
Know where that is?