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Resolved Resolved by DJ Sures!

Question About Wifi Password

I am having problems with connecting to my robot client over wifi.  Is asking for a network security key.   What for?  If I keep trying it says it needs router sign in and password.  What is going on.  I have never been asked for network security key to connect to robot client before.  Please help.

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If you're certain that is the correct access point for the EZ-B WiFi, then you may need to change the password if it's been forgotten. Simply power on the EZ-B v4 and press the RESET button. Here's a video tutorial from EZ-Robot's website. 

If you wish to change the WiFi name of the robot and setup a password, here's another ezrobot tutorial

There's a few WiFi modes for the EZ-B v4 as well. Here's a great tutorial starring yours truly:D:D https://www.ez-robot.com/Tutorials/Lesson/15?courseId=4
Thank You.  I will work on it.
I found out that the ez-b microprocessor is not working right.  When turned on it blinks green for 1 second then blinks blue.  I replaced the microprocessor with a new one I had.  Everything is now working fine.  Thanks

Hi Ellis. Good to see you again here. How you doing? What you up to?
Hi Dave. I really have been here and working on robots just been reading and not posting.  My bad. 

I seem to to be having problems with the new changes with Synthiam site. I can’t easily find my posts. I now have no idea how to easily find them. Also searching seems to very rarely bring up applicable info both in community and tutorial.   Do you know of any information that can help with the  Synthiam site or is it a matter of figure it out on your own or ask a lot of questions on Community

Sorry about digressing. 

It it really is fun to talk to you again. I am preparing two Robots for Halloween. Not scary type but alien robots. One 5’ tall named Max and a sidekick 2’ tall named Teli.  I am making it so they can talk to each other in front of the kids trick or treating.   I have already have had Max the big one talk to Alexa by voice. It really is fun to see them communicate with each other. I changed the wake word to computer in Alexa. Works great. 

Talk to you later.