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Python Script For Robosapien With Complete ARC Command Set

First, you will need to follow the instructions to modify your Robosapien so that it runs with an ezb.

Unzip these files and put the .py scripts in a folder.

You will also need to download the ARC from here:

In a text editor, open the file you downloaded, and modify the two paths found near the top. They need to point to the location of the EZ_B.dll (found inside ARC installation folder) and (wherever you put it). Note for non-Pythonistas: Python uses '' rather than '/' for paths, even for scripts that run in windows?

The scripts need to be run inside IronPython, rather than Python, because of heavy dependencies on the .NET framework.

IronPython can be found here:

Once installed, run the IronPython console and type

[your path here]


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That is so cool:) This is the first time I've seen a python EZ-SDK code. Python is such a strange language to read. Thank you for sharing this. :D


It's good for matrix algebra :)


I think the dependency of indentation is what bothers me. Feels so fragile when I think about using it. I'm very OCD about the appearance of my code and have super strict formatting rules. Many people hate working with me:) I have a document that defines the DJ Programming Standard haha

But, when it comes to Python, the code indentation is obviously mandatory in any language - but the dependency on it worries me. I also find some of the function syntax a little strange. It's like they re-invented the wheel with new words, just to be different. :)

I'm glad we have support for Python now, thanks to you!


I'll try to gradually include other example libraries. I have some wiimote stuff working and I managed to move a servo with python today.


WOW DALEX very nice work,glad to see support to python.

I have a python code for my LIDAR for navigation ,may be if i post it you can take a look at it.

Since there are many of us that would love to have support for NEATO XV-11 LIDAR laser used for navigation,even sold a few to EZB robot builders


I can promise to look at it:) I'm not a professional programmer, so it's always a struggle. It will take me a while to make sense of it, if at all.

Actually one of the things I am working toward is to make a LIDAR using a wiimote IR camera and a low power IR laser. For extra coolness, I was thinking of putting the Wiimote (without batteries) in one hand of my Robosapien and the IR laser mounted on the nunchuk in the other hand. The hard part is getting the Robosapien to coordinate the two :)


ITS very small script,on lower power laser the neato lidar is about 300ma and its 360 deg.

When i get to my house tonight ,since i am having a easter party at my moms and dads house i will post the file.

Was made by another programmer.


here is the python script for the neato lidar,would be very cool to others to have a interface to EZB for it.


Hey Dalex,

Do you know if this works with the latest versions of the SDK? I have a project that this could be useful on.

Thanks David


It looks like he hasn't posted in about a year. Hopefully he is still browsing the forums or an email will get his attention. If not, I will just have to try it and find out :)

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The first link is no longer available so you have an archive?