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Python Script For Robosapien With Complete ARC Command Set

First, you will need to follow the instructions to modify your Robosapien so that it runs with an ezb. Unzip these files and put the .py scripts in a folder. You will also need to download the Arc from here: In a text editor, open the file you downloaded, and modify the two paths found...

Cheapest Blackbox Digital Port To Digital Port Transceiver

Hi Hardware, I have a HC-SR04 Distance Sensor plugged into my ez-b (or some other device that needs both digital input and output). I want to unplug the connecting digital wires, and in their place, send the digital signals via some kind of RF transceiver. So there would be one module connected to the ez-b, and other connected to the HC-SR04...

Dropping 3.3V To 3.0V

I managed to destroy one Robosapien board by putting 6v where it shouldnt go Im going to use the 3.3v supply on the ez-b to power my other Robosapien, but now Im a bit nervous about blowing it. What resistor should I use to drop the voltage from 3.3v to 3.0v? I read up on Ohms law, but it seems to depend on how many amps are being pulled. Is that...

Using Ez_B To Throw A Switch

Hi Hardware, Im going to get my roboquad working by triggering the switches on the remote, and having the IR LED in the remote taped directly to the robots IR sensor. I need the ez-b to emulate pressing of switches on the remote. Ive checked the voltage across each switch and its tiny, only 0.06V. I dont know how much current goes through because I...
Baby Level Electronics Question

Baby Level Electronics Question

Hi Hardware, Is there such a thing as a double-adaptor for 4, 7 and 10 pin connectors? What I want to do is have my Robosapien running normally, but be able...

Connecting A Wii Balance Board

Hi, Im just finishing an example Python script for wiimotes. Has anyone had success in connecting a balance board? I can successfully connect a wiimote using EZ_B.WiimoteLib.Wiimote.Connect, but this does not appear to work for the balance board. Looking through the provided XML list of commands and the .dll info, I cant find a connection command...

Example Script For Facedetect.Vision.Detection.Haarrectangle

Hi, I have some Python code working that uses CameraFaceDetection.GetFaceDetection(), and I will post this soon. But it only outputs the region where the face is. I looked for an example script that calls FaceDetect.Vision.Detection.HaarRectangle, which Im guessing gives exact coordinates. Can anyone point me to such an example? The language doesnt...

Example Python Scripts Calling Ez_B.Dll

Hi, These are intended to be for guidance only, so others can get the idea of how to convert C# or VB into Python. They are probably only useful to people who already use Python. First step in to install IronPython from here: Ironpython is simply a version of Python with extra .NET bindings. At the IronPython Command...

Help With Syntax To Call Ez_B.Dll Functions (Python)

Hi, Ive tried all sensible combinations I can think of to call EZ_B.dll functions in Python. I know if I can get the syntax right for one, the rest will follow. Any suggestion appreciated. David. ------------------------ from ctypes import * libEZB = CDLL(C:\Documents and Settings\David\My Documents\EZ-SDK\DLL\EZ_B.dll) libEZB Out[9]: CDLL...

Communication Between Ez-B And Dension Wirc?

Hi, I just bought one of these: Im not an electronics or RC person, so here is my question: Is there a way to get the EZ-B and WiRC device to communicate directly, via a cable? What sort of extended functionality could be expected? It should be possible to do in in software as well, by passing outputs from the WiRC...

Python Scripts For Ez-Robot

Hi, Ive been searching around the site for existing Python scripts that access the EZ-Robot functions. No luck so far, although in 2011 DJ Sures said I will be releasing a Python module shortly for EZ-B V3. If anyone has experience integrating Python with EZ-Robot, any links would be much appreciated. David.
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