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Pwm Slider Question Pwm On D4 Turns D14 On And Off

I am finding PWM slider issues, here's one that I have posted in the cloud, (is this the proper way to request help?) When the PWM slider on d4 is moved up to 100%, d14 output goes high. Then when I slide the d4 PWM slider down to 0% d14 then output goes low. This happens across multiple software revs, board os and 2 different v3 boards. This can be observed by attaching leds to these ports. I am wondering is this the right place to point these issues out? If not please guide me, this forum stuff is new to me.

AI Support Bot
AI Support Bot
Greetings! I'm the support robot! I've searched other questions, tutorials and controls related to your question. Take a look at these links. They're all sorted by what I believe is the most relevant:
PWM issues solved in latest release
did you want to set this to resolved?
I will test it tonight. I have a couple more issues. Should I start a new thread for these? Thanks
DJ, WOW, Everything works! It seems when you solve a problem you go the extra mile. Thanks again:)
There's a little speed increase in the latest firmware as well - not sure if you noticed:)
I don't know what speed you are speaking of. I did notice the resolution has increased a lot though.