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Pwm Slider Question Pwm On D4 Turns D14 On And Off

I am finding PWM slider issues, here's one that I have posted in the cloud, (is this the proper way to request help?) When the PWM slider on d4 is moved up to 100%, d14 output goes high. Then when I slide the d4 PWM slider down to 0% d14 then output goes low. This happens across multiple software revs, board os and 2 different v3 boards. This can be observed by attaching leds to these ports. I am wondering is this the right place to point these issues out? If not please guide me, this forum stuff is new to me.


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I'll take a look and see what's up:) That's a strange bug! I wonder what the heck could possibly be happening to cause that...


DJ, You are awesome. Thanks for looking into this. I have two ez3 which is really cool, its also great when you have any problems you can rule things out. On this problem I thought it may be due to my new 64 bit computer. So I ran the program on my old vista computer (running xp) and it had the issue there too. Good luck.


I was under the impression ARC wouldn't run on anything before Win7...So you had it working on XP?


@Richard , yes its my older computer that has an old version of ARC before it became unsupported. I keep it as a backup.


Wait, is this the latest version of ARC? Because the XP version should not be able to connect to the most recent EZ-B firmware.


Yes it is the most recent version on my new computer. On my old computer I would say it is probably a jan 2014 version and it connected and worked fine. I dont have the version number because I am not at home right now.


Wow, I don't know how you got any version from 2014 to work on XP:)


Yes, it worked, I didnt do much but check that d14 issue. But I did not notice anything out of the ordinary. P.S. The version is 2013.07.03.00 on my old computer.


Is there a way that I can roll back the v3 os to a version that matches 2013.07.03.00 ARC? I cannot move forward due to the PWM issues. If I can roll the os back I will be able to continue until there is a fix. Thank you


I'm actually looking into it right now:) great timing


If it is affecting only D14.. Can't you just use another port or have you used all 20? I just tried and I can not replicate your problem... PWM slider on D4 does not change the high/low output on D14 on any of my 3 ezb3 boards... Could it be a wiring issue?


Solved it, I will post an update in a few hours for you.


Wow, I envision hours and hours of code to fix issues like this. You make it sound EZ:) I'll check it out as soon as I can. Thanks DJ


PWM issues solved in latest release


did you want to set this to resolved?


I will test it tonight. I have a couple more issues. Should I start a new thread for these? Thanks


DJ, WOW, Everything works! It seems when you solve a problem you go the extra mile. Thanks again:)


There's a little speed increase in the latest firmware as well - not sure if you noticed:)


I don't know what speed you are speaking of. I did notice the resolution has increased a lot though.